Friday, January 24, 2014

Outlet shopping in Los Angeles


My favourite memories of being in Los Angeles with my sister is the SHOPPING!!

Remember to get the coupon book for additional discouts!

Grab a map and let's go!

It was not too busy because we went on a weekday afternoon.

Fro-yo time! (Yogurtland is better!)

Rows and rows of shoes!!

Look at the amount of shoes my sister grabbed in F21! 
She never seen factory outlet (real ones) prices before and kisiao. Haha!

My first pair of Melissa shoes! :)
Jason Wu edition.

Got these Hello Kitty VANS shoes at a really good price!! USD29!

Love this striped Ralph Lauren jacket!

I love Candy Apples!

Always have to get one..

Whenever we pass by a shop selling one.. LOL!

Soooo good! ^_^

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