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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles)

Today we went to Griffith Observatory to watch the sunrise! It's around 40mins drive from my sister's apartment so we had to time our journey well to be there in time to catch the sunrise.

It was a really pleasant drive up the slopes because there were literally no cars (too early, too cold). There were also ample of parking lots (free!) around.

We parked the car and walked over to the main building.

The only time that I wore the winter jacket I brought to LA.
I guess I won't be wearing it again cos it's not that cold.

Le sis looking cute with her Miffy shoes and pink hair!

Another picture with the white monument thingy in front 

Le sis and I braving the cold to watch the sunset

Look at the beautiful scenery!

I am in awed of the beauty of nature and God's creation.. Breath-taking!

First peek of the sun!!

We stood there for 10mins in silence just watching & filming the sunrise.

The famous HOLLYWOOD sign! Looks very near right?

It's actually quite far in the distance! We had to zooooom in!

Nevertheless, we managed to take a pic with the famous landmark!

Read more about Griffith Observatory here!

We did not go into the Planetarium because it only opens at 10am and we were there at 6.45am! So after watching the sunrise, we headed to Mcdonald's for breakfast then went to my new apartment to collect the keys and check-in.

After collecting the keys, we headed for lunch nearby.. Didn't know where to go so I went on my trusty Yelp app and found GANGNAM TOFU! It has a cliche name (because of the song), but the food is damn nice! Crazy cheap too! Around USD20+ for the two of us and there's endless refills for the side dishes! Mad love! I think we will come back again before I fly back home.. it's soo good!

My sister's schoolmates who will be sharing the apartment with her just arrived today from Singapore so that's the reason why I have to move out and stay at another place.

I will be staying alone for the next few nights before flying back to Singapore, though my sister will be coming over to stay for 1 night tomorrow night so we can go and explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame which just a 5mins walk away!! I love this apartment cos it's mad chio!

Will blog more about it soon.. I'm super tired.. Good night!

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