Saturday, January 18, 2014

Korean BBQ with Nat & Ray

Went to Orchard today with Nat to accompany him to buy Chinese New Year decorations. This atas boy insists in going to Isetan Orchard to buy Sanrio characters decorations. SO EXPENSIVE!!!! Tsk Tsk. He bought over $100 worth of stuff and it only fits into one medium size bag (see my 1st pic below).

Le hubby went to Orchard with us but went off to meet his friend later... so me and Nat went to look for dinner by ourselves.

The food was so-so only lah.. Not gonna mention where it is.

My chef cooking for me!

Ray joined us afterwards!

"Jasmines for Jasmine"

Ray plucked these flowers and asked Nat to give it to me.. So sweet lah! Hahahhaha! Super fun day today!

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