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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Universal Studios Hollywood

We went to Universal studios today! Today is the last day for Grinchmas so we are really lucky to be able to make it! :) Didn't want to come the past few days even though there will be lesser people during the weekdays because I wanted my sister to recover from her jetlag first. Based on experience, it's not fun dragging her along when she is grumpy & sleepy, especially to a themepark. Hahaha!

Feb 2012

How time flies! It's been 2 years since we visited Singapore's Universal Studios with Le hubby! Somehow we ended up in the same position, same pose! Haha! (I think USS has a nicer globe compared to the one in Hollywood).

Breakfast first!

Before going to Universal Studios, we went for breakfast at IHOP! By the way, IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes. Both of us didn't know that until we saw the sign on the wall after we parked the car. Hahahaha!

"An X like Miffy's mouth!"

The IHOP we went was near to Koreatown which was just a short 10mins drive from the apartment. The decor is a typical American diner style and both of us were really excited when we went in cos it's just like in the movies!

Our breakfast!

I had french toast (forgot the name).

My sister ordered the set with FREE FLOW PANCAKES!

However she only ate the 1.5 out of 2 pancakes which came with the set.. didn't even finish it how to order more free flow pancakes? Sibeh bohua.. Hahahah! But then again, her set including bacon, eggs & potatoes is only less than USD10! Which means if you can eat like 10 pancakes.. it will be damn freaking cheap! T__T" No wonder USA has an obesity problem.. Yummy (but unhealthy) food are really cheap over here!

After breakfast we drove, well.. I drove down to Universal Studios which is located in Hollywood. It is around 30mins++ journey away. I paid for the VIP parking which is slightly more expensive than the normal parking because I didn't wanna waste time parking so far away. An entire day of parking costs USD25.

Le hubby & I bought the annual pass for my sister's birthday present last year so she can come back again with her friends. It is valid from your first visit onwards. It's quite reasonable.. unlike Disneyland's annual pass which costs around USD600 (sorry meimei, too expensive liao!)


Every year they celebrate Grinchmas in Universal Studios!

This is Grinch in case you don't know who he is.. ^_^

Studio Tour hosted by Jimmy Fallon!

We went for the Studio Tour which is only available here in Hollywood and no other Universal Studios in the world! Last year I went for the VIP tour with Le bf and we had a private tram and guide, and also unlimited front line access to all the rides. Too bad they closed earlier last year compared to this year.. but at least I tried all the rides and watched all the shows because our guide brought us for a very comprehensive tour around the themepark. Several sites were omitted but it was still fun! I think Jimmy Fallon is awesome.. he's the video host of the tram tour and he is really funny & entertaining!

Selfie while waiting for our tram!

Who says I am too old for cutesy Hello Kitty shoes? =P

We also watched the Special Effects Stage show. This show is really cool as it shows you how movies are made and how they create scenes with special effects. The audience can also participate in the show! Told my sister to look out for super enthusiastic people waiting to join in and I was right because there were people literally standing on the chairs yelling "ME! ME! ME!!!!". My sister is so amused because we Singaporeans are very chillax when it comes to audience participation. Hahahhaa!

Comparing Singapore's to Hollywood, I must say Singapore is much better in terms of the rides. We have MUCH MORE rides than Hollywood and very nice themed areas. Most of the rides in Hollywood are bunched together (Mummy, Jurrasic Park, Transformers) and they don't have a distinct themed area like the one in Singapore.

The good thing about Hollywood is that they have the Studio Tram tour.. AND MINION TOWN! Minion Town is opening sometime this year! It is still under construction. Hope my sister will be able to visit it before she comes back to Singapore in May!

Afterwards we wanted to go and take a ride but ALL the rides had a minimum waiting time of 40mins! I wanted to take the Simpsons ride because I enjoyed it a lot when I went last year with Le hubby but the wait time was 70mins! Sucks to the max! So we went shopping at the nearby Kwik-E-Mart instead..

Spot my sister's pretty Miffy shoes.. and her hair! :)

I bought a few t-shirts for Le hubby! :)

Need to draw cash? 

Mr Apu's hand will wave up and down to welcome you!

Super cute water bottles! (But same designs as last year's)

Refills are only 99cents! :)

Tempted to buy this for the hubby but my sister said "DON'T WASTE MONEY!"

She approves of the Homer t-shirt though.. Haha!
(I bought another design for Le hubby cos I don't like Homer)

Duff beer plushies!

Super cute display outside the shop!

If you are a Simpsons fan you will really enjoy walking through the shop and looking out for the references and merchandise. 

Mr Apu says: "Come on, if you ran a store, I'd buy your junk!"

Unfortunately we did not managed to take a single ride at all... :(  Well, hopefully my sister will go back again with her friends so she can take all the rides.. 

Since we decided not to waste time to queue for rides, we decided to go round taking pictures and stalk all the characters! Even if we don't really like the character, we must take picture with it! Hahhahaha!! Managed to catch quite a few of them. We still had to queue for the characters to take pictures with them so we missed a few cos they closed the queues when it's too long.

Bart & Lisa

Homer & Marge



Scooby Doo & Gang!

 Mayor of Who-ville! 

 I think the Spongebob bottle is the cutest! :)

 Christmas decorations still up! :)

 No people! Must take picture! Hahahahaha!

Huge minion outside the shop which sells exclusive Minion merchandise!

Slurp Slurp

Asked my sister to buy this bag cos it's super cute..

But she decided to get the doll instead as a bolster! Haha!

We took down the whole rack to choose a unicorn that is "toot" but not "stupid" looking. You'll be surprised to know all of them have different expressions!

I didn't know there's a female version of the crazy dog!

 "Sleepy kittens" book! I posted a video of the pages on my Instagram!

There's also Hello Kitty but not cute leh.. :(

Wany's favourite character! Haha!

I like the "Thing 1", "Thing 2" shirts. If I have children I will make them wear it. HAHA!

Beautiful lights at night

Miffy on the Christmas Tree

Spot Miffy! I'm a Miffy-garoo! Hahahhaa!

Nearby Universal Studios there's a Universal Citywalk. We had a late lunch there and walked around.. then suddenly I spotted Yogurtland!!! OMG DAMN HAPPY!!!!!!!!! I didn't managed to eat at Yogurtland even once when I came last year because our itinerary was so packed.. and this time I must eat but I didn't know Universal Citywalk had one! WOOHOOOO!!!! I was hopping up and down (which you can't tell in the picture).

Last year they had the Sanrio collection where they give out Sanrio spoons and cups (another reason why I wanted to go so badly). This year they don't have the Sanrio stuff anymore... SO SAD!!!! But at least I get to see the collection on display in this shop.

Super cute Sanrio cups!!!

The collection now is Looney Tunes.. boring.....

We were given mini sample cups to try as much as we want.
In the end, I chose 5 flavours out of the dozen they had.

Added lots of toppings! ^___^

My sister is super happy too! She even joined the loyalty program. Hahaha!

We stumbled onto this huge candy store selling all sorts of cute candy and merchandise!


Super hero domo-kuns!

Energy drinks!

Offer offer!!! :)

Mind-blowing selection of lip balms!

Movie merchandise as well!

Maggie Baby Mug!

I bought a few t-shirts for Le hubby, Minions t-shirt for Asher (cellgroup baby), a Simpsons lanyard for myself and a ultra cute Maggie Baby Mug for... my future yet to be made baby! I know it's kinda crazy to buy something to keep but it's just too cute lah! I couldn't let it go! It's only USD5++ so I had to get it. Even if it's just looking at it.. it makes me happy! :) My sister said I am kinda crazy to buy it since I am not pregnant yet.. but coming from a girl who is planning my baby shower & gender reveal party.. *cough cough* She is also crazy like me! HAHAHAHAH!

My sister's unicorn which I named "Toot-toot"

My sister bought a few stuff too.. but her favourite buy will be the unicorn which she is currently hugging to sleep now. Good night everyone! :)

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