Friday, January 10, 2014

The Hollywood Ardmore Apartments

Good morning everyone! 

My sister has an orientation today at school so I am alone for the whole day! You know what that means..... SHOPPING!!!!!! Well, I do bring her for shopping but since I am alone and I have nothing to do.. instead of locking myself up alone I think it's good to head out for some fresh air. Heehee! Before I go I shall blog about the place that I am staying at!

Here's a picture of her cos I miss her already.. Haha!

It has a big living area with a huge sofa and TV.

Unlimited movies with NetFlix or something which I don't know how to use. -_-

Kitchen with appliances and utensils (but no microwave).

Huge balcony which can be accessed from the living room & bedroom.
It also overlooks the swimming pool!

Best part is the bedroom! I LOVE THE BED! So comfy!!

Best sleep I had since I came to LA cos my sister's apartment only provide a basic single foam mattress (with no bedsheets) and this apartment has a super comfortable king sized bed with high thread count bedsheets... So happy just rolling around in bed! ^_^

The apartment is situated at Whitley Heights and it's called the Hollywood Ardmore apartments. Very atas, very classy and damn chio! It is really safe and secured because the lobby is only accessible if you have the special key. Parking is free and it's located underground with a specified lot and only accessible with the special key.

I paid around $850 for 5 nights. I booked it through Airbnb which is a website I stumbled upon 2 years back and used many times for my travels. 

The reason why I chose this place is because of location. It's near Hollywood Walk of Fame so I can walk around and explore the area. I only need to walk 5mins down the slope to the main street where the Walk of Fame begins! Also it's only 15mins drive from my sister's apartment!

Tomorrow I'll go and explore the area with my sister! Now it's shopping time!!!

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