Monday, January 13, 2014

Exploring LA alone!

It's my sister's 1st day at USC today! She had an awesome orientation last week and I hope she can make more new friends in the next few months that she is here before she goes back in May.

While she was at school, I WENT SHOPPING!!!

Before I left my apartment this morning, I saved all the addresses of the shopping malls in the GPS so I won't get lost outside. I still haven't got a local SIM card and I've already been here for 2 weeks!! LOL!!  Le hubby won't survive 1 day without getting a local SIM card. He kept nagging at me to get one, but what's the point? Due to time difference, everyone whom I need to contact will be sleeping while I am awake, and while I am asleep they are awake.

One of my mission today is to help Pamela (my sister-in-law) and her friends buy Pandora charms. You would think it's very easy to find a Pandora shop in Los Angeles... but NO!!!! There's only 3 listed in Yelp. One closed down long ago.. so I went to the next closest one and walked around the huge complex so many rounds and still can't find it.. I finally found the information counter (hidden in some corner) and was told that the Pandora store there CLOSED DOWN LAST MONTH! Wah lao.. got so suay a not?

So with fingers crossed I went to Galleria Glendale (my last stop of the day) to find and thank God it's there!!! Luckily Pam already gave me the codes + pictures of the charms so I know exactly what to buy. I bought over 20 charms! I actually lost count.. hahahahhahaa! The gold accented ones are much cheaper here. The silver ones are only slightly cheaper than Singapore. The good thing is, the store is not as crowded as the ones in Singapore where you have to wave and wait like mad for a salesperson to attend to you. I had 4 salespersons serving me today! 


Anyway, I went to so many shopping malls I gave up remembering the names and matching the pictures to the places so I am just gonna spam post some of the pictures I took when I was not distracted by the shops.. Heh heh.

I didn't buy anything from Bath & Body Works today cos I bought a lot with my sister when we chanced about a BBW at another shopping mall. Also, I think my luggage is full already.. Hahaha! I love the smells of the lotion! And they are having crazy discounts cos it's post Christmas + post New Year!.

Since it's Monday, most of the places are practically empty! Shiokness!

The shiokness part? LOOK AT THE DISCOUNTS!!!!!!

And the clothes are not those chapalang "This Fashion" kinda clothing. It's all well-known established brands such as Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren.. and the list goes on. You really have to dig through the racks but it's alright cos there's not much people around to squeeze with!! There are plenty of changing rooms and I can bring in as much clothes as I want to try each time. No limits! Woohoo!

Pretty dresses! ^_^


Stupid iPhone case kept giving my photos a pink hue because it's covering the camera lens. Anyway, I really wanted to buy the dresses but I cannot decide which colour is nicer. Also, it's a new arrival item so there's no discount for it! =( It's USD200++ per dress leh! Compared to the rest which are USD10 to USD50 after the discounts, it's super expensive. 

Sigh... So I walked away without buying them. :'( Boohoo!

Anyway I did not buy as much as I thought I would. Cannot anyhow spend money!!! All the departmental stores have free wifi so I can send pictures of the dresses I tried to my sister to let her see.. then that girl kept sending me messages to remind me not to buy nonsense stuff.. things like "DON'T ANYHOW SPEND MONEY! NOOOOOOO!". 

I went to Kate Spade to help Wany buy a wristlet for her mother. She wanted the black one cos that's the only colour available online, but she said if I see something nicer I can make the decision for her. I went into the shop and saw that they have 6 colours!!! And the pink one is on discount!! So I bought the pink one for her. Heh heh heh! Nice colour, can save money.. why not? Wahahhaha! I also helped her buy a very nice handbag that's also in the same pink. Now I have to think how to pack the bag in my luggage without squashing it cos it's a fixed shape. Hmmm.

All the walking made me hungry so I went to the foodcourt for lunch! Saw a queue for Philly Steaks so I went to kpoh and see what they are selling.. they don't sell steaks, they sell sandwiches! Awesome power sandwiches with yummy cheese fries smoothered in bacon bits! The lemonade is damn nice and it's free flow! Wah... must control my diet!!

After shopping nonstop for the whole day, I was super exhausted.. So I dumped all the shopping bags in the boot of my car, then I went hunting for a nice quiet cafe to have coffee until my sister finish her class so I can pick her up to go for dinner.

Walked around and saw a cinema so on a whim I went in and decided to catch a movie! 

This was taken after the movie, that's why it's already dark.

The foyer is so beautiful!!! Le sigh.

I was a bit sian at first cos the movies are either not my cup of tea or I've watched it before.. then suddenly I saw "Frozen 5:10" on the screen and I was so happy!! Cos it was 5pm when I was at the cinema! Woohoo! No need to wait!!

This movie has great reviews and I particularly want to catch it after I watched the World of Colours show at Disneyland with my sister last week!

Bought my ticket! USD11.25 for a weekday ticket. 

There is no seat number cos it's free sitting. I always thought that it's silly to have free sitting for cinemas. I know that USA had this weird rule when I read Archie comics years ago. They always had to go early to chope seats and sometimes have to sit far apart from each other. I cannot leh! I will ki-siao if I get a lousy seat and I will refuse to watch the movie cos I feel nauseous when I see too close to the screen! Anyway the guy told me their cinema is still one of the more old fashioned ones but 80% of the cinemas in USA already has fixed seat numbers when you buy the tickets.

 I had time to check out the snack bar!

Bought a frozen cherry slurpee! :)

Almost empty hall! YAY! I love Mondays! Hahahhaha!!

I had to leave after the movie (no more shopping!!) and go back to my sister's apartment which was a 30mins drive away but I reached there in 50mins because of the stupid traffic jams. 

Anyway, while walking to the carpark...I walked past Godiva and was attracted by the display..


 And they are huge!!!! 

I bought one cone and munched on it happily while driving back to my sister's apartment. I kept 2 pieces for her and her roomie He Jia and they loved it too! :)

 They wanted to go to Cheesecake Factory for dinner so off we go!

 So many cakes, so little time!

I ordered the pulled pork burger and it's really yummy!
Portions were huge as usual.. Hahahahah!

 Yummy food makes us happy! ^_^

 Le sis with He Jia

They offer validation for parking too! Yay!

We always choose places which offer validation (free parking) because the parking rates in LA can be crazy expensive! The most ridiculous one we saw was USD12 for 15mins! Siao ah?

What a coincidence that we ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory cos it's where we had our first meal when we arrived in LA 2 weeks ago. Today is my last night in LA so that's my last dinner here! 

I have so many stuff to squeeze into 2 luggage! And one of them was totally empty while the other was only half filled when I first came here! Well, at least 1 luggage is made up of half of my sister's shopping loot and the other half is Wany's Kate Spade handbag (I squeeze my new clothes inside so the bag won't be squashed!

My flight is tomorrow afternoon so I am chilling now, watching Futurama while blogging and munching on Cheetohs! Cheetohs is damn addictive lah! I bought a big pack of 10 small packets to bring back so I can munch on the flights back. It's freaking 20+ hours plus transit time.. dreading the long flight home. Sigh.

But thankfully Le hubby downloaded lots of shows for me on his spare Samsung S3 and lots of books on my Kindle so I won't be bored (I already finished 3 books on the flight here!). Thank you dear!!! OMG I can't wait to see him.. I've not been so far away from him since we got together. Missing someone is like having a constant tummyache.

I am gonna start packing later! Gonna finish up 1 more episode of Futurama before I start.

Tomorrow morning I'll need to drive back to my sister's apartment which is on the way to the airport so I can pass her all my toiletries. No point bringing back the shampoo, lotion and stuff cos they are heavy and I have no more space! -_- Also her hair is so long, she needs more shampoo! LOL!

Good night everyone! Next time I update I'll be back home in Singapore! :)

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