Monday, January 6, 2014

Exploring LA with my sister

My pretty dress from!

We went to Grand Central Market for lunch! I really wanted to take the Angel Flight tram which was just across the street but when we went there.. IT WAS CLOSED! Wah lao eh mad suay to the maximum!!!! :(

I saw that the tram was not moving and my sister was saying "Jie, maybe it's closed".. but I refused to believe it so I dragged her across the street and lo & behold.. it's really closed!! So maddening!


We walked around taking pictures and gawking at the fruits & veggies for sale. My sister is amazed by the low prices for some of the fruits, especially the seedless green grapes which costs a lot in Singapore. Well, anything that is "California-grown" is bound to be quite cheap because LA is in California! =)

We had lunch at Sticky Rice, which was highly raved on Yelp. I rely a lot of Yelp for directions and also places & restaurants to visit when I am in USA cos there's a lot of users and it's very updated. I also post reviews and pictures up on the app. :)

My sis said I always have the "happy face" while she looks perpetually tired.

 The kitchen had an open concept so we can see the chefs preparing the food.

The food was alright, nothing to shout about.
Maybe the locals have very low expectations for Thai Food?

We walked past this place called "Eggslut"! Looks interesting! Told my sister to go back again one day to try with her friends. :)

Afterwards we went back to Little Tokyo for Mochi icecream! It's super high raved on Yelp and I wanted to try it when we first visited it but they were closed (WHY!!!!), so with fingers crossed we drove back there again and they were opened! YAY!

So many mochis! ^___^

We bought a tray of 6 to share. It's around USD1.50 each. Is it really thaaaatt good? Well, we've tasted better! But it's not bad lah.. not worth the long queues though. So this is one place we won't be coming back again.. at least we tried! Hahaha! I prefer Yogurtland anytime!!

Afterwards I felt hungry (again) so we went across the street for ramen! I did not have any internet connection (still have not bought any SIM card yet!) so we just went into a random ramen shop and ordered one to share.

Unfortunately.. NOT NICE! :(
Struggled to finish the one bowl.. lucky only ordered one!

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