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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Finally got a chance to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

When I came to LA last year with Le hubby, we only had 2 nights here before we had to head to Las Vegas for his CES Exhibition so we did not managed to visit a lot of places. Moreover he said he's been to the Walk of Fame years ago and all he remembered was that the place is smelly and dodgy.

Anyways, I chose an apartment nearby so I can just walk around the area! :)

My sister stayed over at my apartment so we can head out early in the morning to avoid the crowds! We actually headed there at 7.30am because the few times we drove past in the afternoon/night, there were so many people and it's hard to take nice pictures with people photo-bombing us.

The star signs spans a few blocks on both sides of the street. Closer to the Mann's Chinese Theatre which is now known as TCL Chinese Theatre are the more famous stars. The more famous you are, the closer you are to the middle of it all.. the lesser known stars are placed further away. If you noticed, there are no people on the street cos it was only 8am++.. Damn shiok cos we can take our own sweet time to walk and look at the stars.. also can take nice pictures without photo-bombers! Yay!

There were also a lot of dodgy people around near the TCL Chinese Theatre dressing up as characters or famous people and they will badger you to take a picture with them for money. One particularly weirdo had such a lousy and sad Frankenstein costume that we felt sorry for him but he is really too dodgy lah.. so we just siam him. -_-

My sister was grabbing tightly to me cos of the dodgy people and I just told her "AVOID EYE CONTACT!!!!". That's how I survive when I go overseas by myself because I am a weirdo magnet (that's what all my friends say, especially Wany who is a fervent believer that I attract all the weird people) and the only way to keep myself safe is to be alert, avoid eye contact with strangers and act blur when they come and talk to me. Never be over-friendly to others, especially when you are a girl. 

Anyway there were already a few groups of mainland China tourists milling around the area taking photos. One old lady came up to us and ask if we were from China who migrated to USA. Maybe she want some tips on how to do it? Anyway we just smiled politely and told her we were from Singapore and she walked away with a air of disappointment.. 

There's a wax museum which both of us are not interested in. LOL!

We've been to the ones in Shanghai and Hong Kong so it should be the same. They are just wax figures of famous people. Nothing fascinating. #notthetypicaltourist

Love the Hard Rock lights! Looks prettier at night! :)

A picture will suffice! Hee!
I love my pink flouffy dress! Got it from www.whitetreehouse.com

And so we walked down 15 blocks along Hollywood Boulevard looking for names we recognize and to take pictures with it. The first name we both know is Walt Disney! :) Thank you for giving us the Disney Magic! :')

Then we realized that the stars have different symbols beneath the names. There are a total of 5 different symbols for different stuff. TV, Movie, Music, Radio and Theatre. For more information, visit the Wiki Page! :)


Mad love Celine Dion! So happy I saw her concert live in Las Vegas last year with Le Hubby.. I was crying for half the show because I was so happy to see her sing live!! Thinking about it gives me happy goosebumps now. 

Beat it!! BEAT IT!!!

Tom Cruise is one of my favourite actors! :)

My sister was very selective on which star she wanna take a picture with.
She chose all the Disney characters. And Walt Disney of course. Hahahhaa!


Snow White!

The Snow White & Tinkerbell stars are just outside Ghiradelli!

Mix & match your own chocolates!

I bought a tin and managed to squeeze in a lot of chocolates! Muahahhahaha!
My sister said I am very aunty... LOL!

There were also a lot of souvenier stores along the street.
We bought a mug each for our mother & aunty with their names on it.

Abruptly ending with a pic of my sister pretending to be an Oscar trophy.
Ok bye!

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