Sunday, January 12, 2014

Disneyland & California Adventure

Brought my sister to Disneyland & California Adventure last week!

I planned it for Sunday & Monday (5th & 6th Jan 2014) because the Christmas themed shows will end on Sunday, mainly the World of Colours Show which is a must watch! I am so happy we caught the Christmas edition "Frozen" World of Colours Show! Though we haven't watched the movie yet, the songs are really nice! Can't wait to catch the film!

We also went to watch Aladdin the Musical which was FANTABULOUS!!! So so so so good!!

I went with Le hubby last year so I know the layout of both parks quite well (I'm good at remembering landmarks and buildings, just not street names). I did not cover everything with Le hubby last year, just the main rides. He's not a big Disney fan but he accompanies me without complaint because he likes seeing me happy & acting like a kid in Disneyland. Hahahaha!

I didn't buy much stuff this time round too. I always say that the Disneyland that makes me spend the most money is Tokyo's. I exercise a lot of self-control in Hong Kong, Paris & California.. but when I go to Tokyo I just go crazy and buy non-stop! 

My sister is a super fun companion cos she's a Disney fan like me (duh, like sister like sister right?) and we grew up watching Disney cartoons together. We held hands walking around, well most of the time she kiapp her hand at my armpit cos she said it's warmer there. -_- #weirdsister #luckyInoBO  While walking we will sing Disney songs together, wave at Disney characters, ran to take pictures with the mascots. Happiest 2 days ever! :)

It's so nice to spend time with her alone and just do whatever we want without the worries of work or school! 

We managed to cover all the rides and shows that we wanted to do & watch even though we had to run to grab fast passes and I had to do some homework on the showtimes and rides, it's worth it cos we had a fun time at the park! Moreover it's USD210 per person for a 2 day hopper ticket so we have to get our money worth! Wahahahahhaa!

My sister said she only took 1 ride in Tokyo Disneyland when she went there a few years ago with her family. ONE RIDE! Wah lao eh... No proper planning at all! Tsk Tsk!

Anyway, 2 full days at Disneyland is really a lot to blog.. but thank God my sister did a really nice and detailed entry so you can read hers instead! Wahahahaha! 

Please head over to her blog to read about our super epic fun Disney adventure! :)

Ok lah, I post some pictures below for you to see too. ^_^

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