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Friday, October 4, 2013

Brendan's 30th birthday Minion themed party!

Date: 21st September 2013 (Saturday)
Decorations & party supplies: Party City
Food Caterer: Orchid Thai Catering
Birthday Cake: Secret Recipe

Super late post cos I've been really busy.. Heh!

Last year I organized a high tea birthday party at Scotts Royal Carousel for Le Hubby's birthday. This year I decided to organize a birthday party for him at my rented house before I move out to stay with him after our wedding.

Minion theme!

Goody bag for the guests! :)
I bought plastic cups instead of using plastic bags.

Chloe has to wait on the sofa while we decorate the place..
Cos she's an escape artist and will run out of the house.
In fact, she escaped twice in the last 2 weeks of my stay there!

Naughty Chloe!

Nathaniel decorated the main gate with the "Warning 30 Birthday party in progress" tape I bought from a PartyCity store in Las Vegas. He is so smart to come out with this idea! The colour matches the door sign which I bought (because the taxi drivers couldn't find my house when I call for cab).  And yes, I was planning the party way back in January and wanted to make it a big bash because it's Le Hubby's 30th Birthday and back then we did not have the intention to get married this year so.. Haha!

Some of the items I bought in Las Vegas, some I ordered from their online store and got it shipped from USA to Singapore using Comgateway.

I was at the main door supervising my minion (Nathaniel).

"NAT!!! Do this! NAT!!!! Do that!!"
Where to find such a perfect friend? :)

Chloe loves my sister (she took these photos).

Smiley Chloe and Le Sister

Le hubby & Le sister

Our cellgroup baby Asher was the first to arrive with his parents.
Chloe is the first dog he sees up close!! :)

Food set up in the living room downstairs

I decided to order from Orchid Thai because they catered for my 25th birthday party and everyone said their food was good, plus it's not the usual Chinese/Western menu fare which my guests liked a lot.

Unfortunately this time round their standards seem to have dropped considerably..Luckily the guests were not as fussy as me, but there were a few items which were largely untouched (Pad Thai & Mixed Vegetables). 

Below are the pictures of the food I ordered. I paid extra to change certain items on the menu.

Spicy Tom Yum Soup 
I really love their soup! Ask them to give you extra soup!

Pomelo Salad
So-so only.. Skip this if you are ordering from them. It's too soggy.

Thai Fish Cake
It was alright to me, but the guests liked it.

Pad Thai & Mixed Vegetables
Pad Thai was HORRIBLE! Everyone avoided it. Too dry!
Mixed vegetables were kinda soggy. 

Garlic Fried Chicken
Taste was quite ordinary.. I prefer their pandan chicken.

Fried Tofu
This was really good

Thai Green Chicken Curry
Very very disappointing. Watery and tasteless.

Fried Squid
Tastes better than it looks

Red Ruby for dessert
The red ruby is good, but a little on the sweet side.
I will prefer them giving us shaved ice instead of ice cubes.

I bought 2 Minion themed games for the guests to play with..
Monopoly & Operation

These are the game pieces in the Minion Monopoly. Super cute lah!
I love the one in the Tutu!

The birthday cake from Secret Recipe!
The flavour is called "Chocolate Indulgence".

Special candles!

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Make a wish and blow the candles!

Family photo! :)

Thank you everyone for attending! ^_^

Le Hubby's friends

Our cellgroup friends

Time to cut cake!

I love cutting cakes and always volunteer during a party! =D

Birthday card & angbao from my friends..
The "Brendan" is really very nicely drawn on the envelope.

All of his presents! :)


After the party, my bridesmaids & maid of honour went upstairs to my bedroom to plan for the gatecrash that was happening the next Saturday morning! :) The gatecrash will be at my place and that's the last time they gathered together before the actual day. 

There's only 5 of them cos poor Joyce had food poisoning and couldn't come. Pamela went to Taiwan for a holiday and Santi was in Batam.

Gate crash planning in progress!

They bought stationery to design the gameboard with little cards.

My sister was hard at work designing the card. Haha!

Needless to say, the gatecrash was a success and everyone had fun! Too bad they only could play 5 out of the 9 games they planned for the brothers (2 of them were "wild cards" for angbao). 

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