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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Flowers from Le Hubby! ❤

 Pretty flowers! 

Yesterday I was napping while Le hubby was out running errands for Mama Chew. Well, he did not went running errands but instead drove to town with Nathaniel to collect flowers from the florist to surprise me!!


I was in my pajamas and happily in dreaming la-la land when Le hubby came home and asked me if I was awake because he has something for me... I shrieked in happiness (very unglam, I know..) and hugged the huge bouquet of flowers while grinning like a crazy idiot. These are my favourite flowers! Pink hydrangeas and Holland white roses! :)

It's not an easy feat to surprise me and Le hubby pulled this off successfully with my best friend's help. He is lucky that Nathaniel is so "on" and happy to help cos I know he is quite blur.. Hahahahaha!

Apparently Le hubby messaged Nathaniel to ask for help to order the flowers for me while we were in Maldives because he forgot to take note of the date and it slipped his mind that it was my birthday. (See entry here). Nat found a florist in town who has the flowers available and initially Le hubby was going to collect it on Thursday when we touch down in Singapore but because we had plans to extend our honeymoon for another 2 nights (which we did not in the end because of flight availability), they pushed the collection date to yesterday which was supposedly our return date if we did push ahead with the extension.

I did find it fishy that he went to run errands for Mama Chew because we could have gone together after the movie instead of him sending me home and driving out again, but I shrugged it off cos I was really sleepy to think much about it. When he came back I did ask him...

Me: "Running errands for Mama Chew huh? YOU LIED TO ME AHHH!!!"
Le hubby: "Ehhh.. technically yes because I went to office to collect mail."

Thank you Nathaniel for helping my blur hubby out! You are the best friend/brother I can only dream about.

Thank you Brendan for being the best husband I can ever wish for! It'll be our one month wedding anniversary tomorrow! Wheeee!! ^_^