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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy 24th Birthday to Pamela!

It's my younger sister-in-law's birthday today and she planned a whole day of fun with the whole family! :) 

I was pondering on what to buy for her and wanted to just give her an angbao like we did last year for her & Cheryl's birthday, when she came home last night and showed us the Pandora bracelet that her boyfriend Vincent aka Ah Vee bought for her. She asked to see mine and said that she liked the safety chain on my Pandora cos it keeps the charms safe.. 

So before we slept, I told Le Hubby that we should go and buy her a Pandora safety chain after church today, before we meet them for lunch at Din Tai Fung (RWS). We rushed to Tampines Mall after church service to buy the safety chain and headed down to RWS to meet her and Ah Vee (Pam goes to a different church).

Pam opening her present...

Yay! :)

We had so much Xiao Long Baos, I wanted to faint when they ordered..

1st stop is S.E.A Aquarium!

She bought the tickets months ago and we planned to go together but couldn't because I had to work night shift and it's hard to accommodate my timing.

We took the touristy group photo but did not buy it cos they are charging a crazy exhorbitant price of SGD40 for it! The quality is so-so, even though it's in a nicer frame and not those paper types. Honestly they would have earned more money if they charge it at SGD20 cos more people will buy it! They printed it out and placed it on the wall (like those old fashioned 90s touristy sites) instead of showing them on digital screens, and many people did not buy them so they had to discard them away. Waste of resources and stupid planning by the management.

Oh, we managed to have a picture of it cos Pamela sneakily took a few photos of it before a staff member asked her to stop. Hahahaha!

Last picture before we left..

Pamela made reservations at Fuikuichi but we were too early (reached around 5pm but dinner was 6.30pm) so we went over to Somerset313 to walk around. While Mama & Papa were at Ya Kun Kaya Toast resting with their 2 sets of complimentary coffee/tea + 2 slices of bread (cos both Le Hubby and I paid our bills via the AXS app), Cheryl & I went sneaked off downstairs to Chocolate Origin to buy Pamela's birthday cake while Le Hubby & Ah Vee went to the Apple store with her to look at some techie stuff.


Cheryl bought the 6" dark bitter chocolate for $36. It is soooo good that we finished everything! Usually for birthday celebrations, nobody wants to eat the cake or they will just nibble one small bite and tabao the rest.. But this time, everyone had 2nd & 3rd helpings!! (I cut them really thin cos usually they will tell me "Not too much!!!"). The bitter one is not really bitter and it's really nice. Mad love! Better than Awfully Chocolate!!

Dinnertime! We got a private room! Wow!

Pamela said she did not request for a private room, so I guess we were lucky that we got it cos when the dinner crowd came, it was so noisy outside! Our room is quiet and cosy.. :) If you have a bigger group, remember to make reservations and ask for the private room!

The food was good, but a bit on the pricey side.. Maybe it's because it's in town area.

With my hubby! :D

Family Picture time! 
So many group pictures today! So happy!

 Happy blessed birthday Pamela! 

I really enjoyed today cos it's such a fun family outing. Everyone had fun and I can see that Pam is so happy... just bursting with bliss & happiness, and it's infectious! :)

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