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Staycation Part 2 @ Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

I've been hospitalized again (see "Part 1").. The pain came back and I had to go back for a more invasive procedure since the injections only gave me a temporary relief. This time I had to stay for 4 days from 7th - 10th October.

Since it's a nerve related issue, my doctor is Dr Phua instead of Dr Pan who took care of me during my first visit cos he is a neurology specialist doctor.

This tablet was framed on the wall and it looks like a boring painting until you touch the screen. I didn't realized there's one of this in my previous ward, but Le hubby noticed it. 

Same ward, different room, different view

I stayed in the same type of ward this time but it's smaller because during my 1st stay I was placed in the Isolation Ward as they suspected that I had Shingles, which was contagious to people who did not have Chicken Pox before.


They changed their toiletries.. instead of Crabtree & Evelyn they are using a new brand now. The smell is nicer though, but the bottle is kinda hard for me to squeeze the content out. 

On Wednesday I went for a minor operation to stun the nerve in my head.

After operation still can take selfies.. Hahaha!

It was actually quite cool. They woke me up at 5am to eat my breakfast (super boring stuff like biscuits & milk) cos I have to fast for 6hrs prior my operation at 11.30am.. Then they pushed me to the operating theater (which looks super cool & new & nice) and put me under general anesthesia so they can do the procedure.

The nurses and doctors were all very nice to me, they made sure I was comfortable and even gave me a pillow to kiap as a bolster cos I had to lie sideways for the Dr Phua to have access to the nerves at the back of my head.

They injected me with the anesthesia then Dr Phua used tape to push and hold my hair in place. I was so scared that he will ask me to shave my head!!!! O_O Luckily he did not.. no hair was harm in the process! ^_^

The last thing I remember was saying "I feel like a movie star in those TV sitcom with people fussing over me" , Dr Phua gently arranging my hair and everyone laughing cos they find me super humorous & funny as they've never seen a patient so excited and happy to be in an operating theater.. The next thing I know, I woke up in the observation ward!! Then around 10mins later Dr Phua came by to ask me how I am feeling and I told him "Sorry I fell asleep so quickly." The funny thing was, he said I was actually lucid & quite chatty in the 1st part of the operation before they increased the dosage and put me to sleep. He needed me to tell him which part of the nerve was hurting so they can make markings before knocking me out totally to complete the procedure. Until now I can't recall a single thing, and he said it's the "power of anesthesia"

Wow.. it's really scary lah! What drugs can do if it falls in the wrong hands.. Imagine someone drugging you to dig out information from you or make you do things that you don't recall afterwards? Freaky much....

Typical meal time!

We are served our meals in a large heavy tray with pretty cutlery & plates. There's 5 meals a day and we can pre-select our meals for the next day. Usually there's around 4 to 6 choices per meal. Western, Chinese, Malay/Thai, Soft Diet or Vegetarian.

5 meals is a lot lah! Breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner & supper! For tea break & supper we usually get pastries, biscuits or hot desserts like Tau Suan or Green Bean Soup.

I put on weight when I stayed at the hospital for a week before my wedding and also during this week cos all I do is literally eat, sleep, eat, sleep. I don't move around much because my headaches get quite massive if I exert myself too much. I also have to finish all my food if not the nurses can't give me my medication if i don't finish my food cos the pills are quite hardcore strong and I'll have gastric pain or something if I eat them on an empty stomach.

Below are some pictures of the food I ate at Mount Elizabeth Novena everyday.. The standard is equivalent to a good 5* hotel's room service menu. 

Pancakes for breakfast

Beef Rendang for lunch

Stewed Beef & Mushrooms

My favourite dish is the Cod Fish with Ginseng Chicken soup!

Unfortunately they only serve it on Tuesdays. The menu did not change from my previous stay so I can remember what they serve from Monday-Friday.. Hahaha! I don't know what their weekend menu is because both stays I only stay during weekdays.

Their desserts change everyday and my favourite is the Matcha cake.
Desserts are available during lunch & dinner.

The Oreo cheesecake was also good. :)

During one of the nights I had Green Bean Soup! :)

Free flow of tea.. The steward will give you as much as you want.

Every night I will ask Brendan to tabao Popeye's cheese fries for me!
I ate it everyday from Monday-Thursday and now I lost my voice. T_T

I had many visitors too! So lucky to have people coming to visit me cos it's really boring at the hospital. Le hubby needs to work so he will come in the evening, so daytime I only have his iPad to entertain myself, or try to watch some TV but I don't really like to watch TV shows so there's nothing much to do. The nurses like to come and chat with me cos they find me really entertaining & friendly (I don't do it on purpose, don't know why they think I am so funny)... Even the cleaning lady loves me cos she said I am very neat & tidy.. Wahahahhaha!

Pamela was my first visitor on the first day! :)

She stayed for a while to accompany me until Le hubby came. She's super cute! She said she was at Novena Square and was reading through the whatsapp messages wondering which hospital I was staying, then she read "Mount Elizabeth Novena" and when she looked up, she saw a giant sign that says "Mount Elizabeth Novena" just in front of her!!! Hahahahaha!

Then I had 2 surprise visitors! Welly & Santi came to visit me!

They bought me a Hello Kitty Cheesecake! =D

Super touched that they took the time to come down because they are working in Batam now and when they come back to Singapore they only can stay for 1 or 2 nights.. For them to take a few hours out to come over to the hospital to accompany me.. :'(  Love them so much!

My sister & Cheryl came the next evening.. with food!!

Nom nom nom..

Heaven in a cup!

My sister purposely went out of the way to tabao my FAVOURITE cheese fries from BFF!!AAAHHHH!!! I love love love love this lah!!! Thank you! She said I am having those crazy "Jasmine craving" and this time is Cheese fries. My close friends will know that from time to time I will have this crazy craving phase for a type of food.. after spamming it for a week or a few weeks, I will swear off that particular food for a long time.. sometimes even years. LOLOLOL! I can't control it lah!!

4 of us had a party in my room lah! Hahahahha!

On the last night, Nat & Ray came to visit me! :)

Le hubby's best friends Clement & Ryan came too!

Our cellgroup friend Calin!

Calin came this morning, a few hours before I was discharged. She wanted to come earlier but was too busy with work so made the trip down today cos she was off. So sweet of her to wake up early to come and visit me! And she bought cakes & brownie for me from Real Foods! Awww!

Yummy!! ^_^ Thank you Calin!

So far the pain is kept at bay after the operation and I have to pop a lot of pills a day until my next followup consultation on 17th October before our honeymoon to Maldives. My doctor said I am a special case cos my body is quite strong against the injections and they have to work against time because previously they had to ensure I was well enough to go through the wedding weekend even if they had to do temporary methods. They wanted to keep me longer during my first stay but they had to let me go the afternoon before my wedding day because I had a million errands to run and was anxious to leave the hospital asap. Now he's working with a deadline before our honeymoon. Hahahahaha!

I am currently on hospitalization leave until my honeymoon which I have taken annual leave way back in March. First time using hospitalization leave in my entire working life. Hur hur..

Super love  my hubby!

Brendan has been really sweet & patient with me even when I had some really epic meltdowns. Thank you dear dear! I love you! :)

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