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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Wedding Angbao Box

The wedding angbao box is one of the things that I pushed it to the last minute.. I had so many ideas, so many plans.. in fact I had too many ideas for it that I kept procrastinating until DAYS before the wedding.

Luckily my sister came to the rescue and she offered to make it for me. I passed her the stickers I bought online for USD20 which I ordered months ago and told her my vision for the angbao box I wanted. 

I wanted a suitcase box that's filled with all sorts of travel related stickers on the box. I didn't really have a theme for our wedding cos it's very restrictive but it's somewhat of a travel related one since I love going on holidays.

She really spammed the stickers.. used up everything! LOL

She put in buttons on the sides so it will resemble an old school suitcase.

There's a flap at the bottom so we can remove the red packet without damaging the box.

Thank you Meimei! I love you!
She's super happy with the durian mooncakes from Goodwood Park. LOL!

On the first day after the church wedding, I was super exhausted cos I only had 1.5hrs of sleep the day before and was still on heavy medication. Luckily my sister and Pamela (my new sister!) helped me to sort out the red packets.

Super happy girl sorting out the angbaos

Le hubby thought people will only give during the wedding dinner but not during church so initially he thought we don't have to bring the box to church but Mama Chew asked us to bring along just in case.. Majority of the guests at church are our friends and all of them are super generous and nice to us! Thank you all! :)

We couldn't invite many of our own friends to the dinner at Grand Hyatt because of space constraints. I only had 2 tables including my bridesmaids so I really had to cut out so many people whom I really wanted to invite.. Really sorry if you wanted to come but I couldn't accommodate. Most of the tables went to our parents. Brendan only had 4 tables including our cellgroup friends.

Perhaps we could have gotten a bigger venue with more tables, but we only searched for hotels this year in April and for a 5 months notice I think it's a miracle we got a nice hotel with a good date. Most couples book their wedding banquet at least 12 months in advance. In fact, Grand Hyatt wasn't my first choice but it turned out perfect except for the space constraints cos The Gallery is only big enough for 26 tables maximum.

Unfortunately the box was destroyed cos on the 2nd day during dinner, there's no time to run upstairs to lock the box after the reception & cocktail session. Everyone including my bridesmaids were all seated inside waiting for the 1st march in, so Le hubby asked me for my permission to rip open the box to pour all the red packets in the little safe box in my makeup room beside the ballroom, which I had to reluctantly agree because there's really no time and it's not safe to leave it lying around. :(

RIP little box.. You served us well! 

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