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Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Surprise birthday cake from Le Hubby

This morning I was a little upset with Le Hubby because the doofus forgot that today is my birthday! He knows it's on 21st October but somehow he's so blur that he forgot that today is 21st October! -_-

I reminded him a few times before today that my birthday is coming up because I know he is ultra forgetful and yet he still forgets. T_T"

Anyways.. he woke up this morning a bit disoriented and extra blur because he slept late last night.. Not sure what he was doing on his laptop because I went to sleep before midnight after taking my medication. I gave him a full hour after he woke up to wish me "Happy Birthday" but he did not.. after we cycled to the restaurant for our breakfast, I asked him "Do you know what date it is today?", and he gave me a blur look until I said forlornly "You forgot my birthday..... "

That's when he gives me the "OH SHIT!" guilty face and apologized profusely.

I was so upset that I couldn't eat my breakfast.. but all is well because he made it up to me after breakfast! :)

We spent the day lazing around the villa cos it was really sunny and I am super afraid of UV rays because I don't want to be tanned or have freckles (ironic right? Go Maldives but avoid the sun). I was reading on my Kindle while Le hubby was watching some video.

Chillaxing on our day bed

I claimed the daybed to laze and read because of room has aircon and the other parts of the villa is not air-conditioned. I am still close enough to the ocean though cos it's just outside the window!! Haha! Le Hubby pulled the chair to sit beside me to watch his video on the TV which is hidden on the wall behind a piece of cloth on the right hand side of the room.

 View from where I am lying down..

We ordered room service for lunch cos I was too lazy to head out to the restaurant (just a 3 mins cycle away. LOL) and it's really very very hot & sunny. Super lam-nua cos we just chill until it's dinnertime.

We had dinner at "By the Sea", a Japanese restaurant.

You can't really see it in the picture cos it was already dark at night, but the booth seats are located just beside the beach. Also, reservations were full and initially we were given counter seats but thank God someone cancelled their table and we got a nice table! Yay!

View of the restaurant (from the Spa) during the day

Salt & Pepper shakers! Cute!

Yummy Teriyaki chicken maki! :)

My very expensive beef steak.. -_-
Le hubby ended up eating half of it for me cos it was too much!

 Le hubby ordered the dinner set and the main course is Pork Belly! Yums!

 These are the appetizers from his set dinner.
He was advised to eat anti-clockwise cos of the flavours.

 Coconut sorbet! Yum yum!

Special surprise Birthday dessert for me! ^_^

Specially decorated bed with leaves & flowers!

We went back to the villa after our dinner and our housekeeper decorated our bed with beautiful flowers and leaves! Super sweet of him!

Though I did not have a birthday party this year and I was upset with Le hubby in the morning for forgetting that today is 21st October (though I know he is blur and did not do it intentionally), I really enjoyed myself a lot because I am in Maldives honeymooning with my husband! The weather is good, the scenery is gorgeous and I am surrounded by the ocean with fishes & sharks! I love sharks! :)

I named this Sunshine the Shark because it will appear when the sun is up!

I pray for good weather until we leave because we've been lucky so far with only slight rains which ended very quickly and the sun is shining nicely. We will be here for the next 3 nights! Yipppeee!

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