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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Asher's 1st Birthday Party at Double Bay Residences

Date: 12th October 2013 (Saturday)
Decorations & party supplies: Party City
Food Caterer: Chili Padi
Birthday Cake: Pine Garden

Today is Asher's birthday party! It seems like yesterday that we attended his full month celebration last year and now it's his 1st birthday celebration!

The party was held in a function room at Double Bay Residences

There are 2 function rooms and 1 BBQ area. If you are planning to hold a big party, I think it would be better to book both function rooms because one room is quite squeezy and guests will get confused when they come because the signage and rooms are not labelled properly... Though I am not sure if the condo management allows you to book both rooms at the same time.

I offered to buy the decorations, balloons & also sponsor the goodie bags as his birthday present, so a few weeks ago, I asked his parents what theme they would like to have for his birthday (I gave them a few examples) and they decided on the circus theme.

I ordered the stuff on my favourite party website, Partycity.com and got them shipped in from USA by using Borderlesbuys.com.sg which I've been using for 2 years and they are really reliable & quick.

Some of our cellgroup friends were there early to help set up! :)

Photoframe with a picture of Asher + 32 goodie bags!

What's in the goodie bag!

Not sure how many children will be attending so I decided to prepare 32 bags cos the popcorn bags come in packs of 8 pieces. I wanted to keep to the circus theme as close as possible so I filled the goodie bag with gummy candy which I bought from Choco Express. The gummy candy are some typical food you can buy from a circus. 

Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size popcorn bags (should get the smaller ones instead) so I went to buy Cheezels to stuff it in so it won't look so empty. Top it off with an animal party blower! I omitted the kitschy stuff (plastic toys, etc) because I am not sure how young the children are who will be receiving the goodie bags. A lot of small toys are choking hazards and not suitable for really young children.. so the safest way is to leave them out totally.

In the end there were not so many children who attended, so some of the lucky adults get to bring home a goodie bag! :)

Le hubby happily munching on the food

They ordered the food from Chili Padi which was our wedding caterer. They tried the food at our church wedding and liked it very much! Haha!

Time to sing the birthday song!

Picture with the happy family!

Group picture with our cellgroup & friends!
Daniel is damn hilarious lah.. Haha!

Thank you Le Hubby for helping me with the decorations!

The 2 tier (double flavoured) birthday cake from Pine Garden!

A lot of people have been emailing me to ask about the cake toppers! They are not mine! Asher's mum borrowed it from her friend who bought it from the souvenir shop at the Singapore Zoo's Rainforest Kids World.

You have to provide the bakery with your own toys and they will decorate the cake for you according to your theme. Currently I think they are the best choice for children birthday themed cakes because their cakes are quite affordable & yummy. It's also an old & established brand so no worries on the quality.

Hopefully the cake industry in Singapore will improve and we will have more shops that custom make cakes which are entirely edible like what you can see on the US Reality TV show "Cake Boss" and not charge a fortune for it.

Asher's birthday presents! 

Calin set up a Finger tattoo "booth". Haha!

There's a well stocked "Mama Shop" located in the premises of the condo near the entrance. You can buy all sorts of stuff there if you have any shortage for your party, including charcoal, fresh vegetables, plastic containers, 1.5L bottled drinks, ice, etc. The prices are quite reasonable and not as cut-throat as I thought.

I tabao-ed some cake home because there were around 1/3 leftover. Heh heh! I packed them into 4 plastic containers and took 1 box back. 

I am currently on hospitalization leave till our honeymoon on 19th October.. Can't wait to visit Maldives, my dream honeymoon destination! :D


Cherie L. said...

Hi! Just wanna ask where do you get the toys? Thanks! :)

Cai Yun Lim said...

hi, would like to know where to buy the cake toppers animal. could you kindly enlighten me lim_cai_yun@hotmail.com