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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10th Braces Visit! (Red & Blue)

I usually go to the Toofdoctor at Tanjong Pagar cos it's near to Chinatown and I could walk over after work on Saturdays (Dr Anna only there on Sats), if not I have to take a cab down from home than take bus home later.. Quite tedious cos if I take bus back I have to change two buses but I can't take bus there cos I must take train + bus.. super complicated that's why I take cab down from home during my appointments.

So since I am no longer working in Chinatown and I am really sian of cabbing down to Tanjong Pagar just for a 10min appointment -- no matter how nice the peanut icekachang is at the Tanjong Pagar market, I decided to change location to Serangoon Central instead. It's 2 MRT stops away and Dr Anna will be there on Weds & Fris so I have more flexibility in choosing my appointments.. but it doesn't matter anyway since I am not working now and I have all the time in the world.. Haha.

I had an appointment just now at 3.30pm and I took the train there.. found the clinic and went up to the 2nd floor of the clinic..

I realized that the dental assistants were not as friendly as Tanjong Pagar and the one thing I am unhappy about is they did not call to remind me of the appointment like how they did previously at Tanjong Pagar.. Tanjong Pagar branch ALWAYS call me one day before to remind me of my appointment! Good restaurants also do that when you make a reservation! Tsk!

The consultation room is also much smaller, no sofa to put my handbag! -_- In the end I have to put my bag on the floor, but it's alright cos it's my Naraya bag and Pipimon can help me wash it if it's dirty... So now I know.. everytime I go to Serangoon ToofDoctor I must bring cheapo bag cos can only put on the floor.

Ok, that aside.. when I was paying, the girl asked "Cash or card". I told her "Card cos I not enough cash", than she proceeded to print the receipt before I hand over my credit card.. than she widened her eyes than said "I though you said CASH?". Umm.. maybe my diction is horrible but CASH and CARD sounds vastly different, no? So she's like "tsk.. I already print the receipt. how?".. I told her I can pay by NETS if that's the same.. but she said they don't have NETS machines.. In the end she called another staff from 1st floor to come up and help her settle the receipt issue while keep repeating the story saying she asked me if Cash or Card and she 'thought' she heard me say cash but I gave her my card in the end.

Why would I make things difficult for you? I am so nice to service people can! I am polite, always smiling and treating them better than most people treat them.. but sometimes I feel these idiots take it for granted and they would rather customers abuse them or something. Being nice doesn't mean I am a pushover ok? I just respect you as a human being. Bloody Hell!

In the first place, why issue receipt when no payment is received in your hands? What if the person's credit card decline? Tsk.

I mean, I am still paying the same amount but the service is one heaven one hell. So now it's a choice between service and convenience, but like I say, since it's only a 10min appointment each time to change the bands.. I will go with convenience sakes and ignore their heck-care attitude until it becomes horribly bad than I will complain about it.

By the way, the girls at Tanjong Pagar are mainly Singaporean Chinese girls and the ones at Serangoon are Filipinos. I thought they are supposed to be friendlier and more service oriented than locals? Guess not all cliches are true!

But thankfully, Dr Anna is still sweet and friendly.. so it's ok. That's the most important thing.

Okok, enough grousing.. pictures time! :)

I think if I have a smaller nose I'll look prettier. :(

Seriously! More than once I've been told that if my nose were slimmer I'll be chio-er.. I remembered long ago, I went to a friend's house and his plastic surgeon mother she said if I have a nose job I'll look really pretty and she'll marry me to her elder son. T_T" Thanks huh.

Oh, notice the two rubber bands at the two corners of my teeth?

Dr Anna gave me a bag of rubber bands to put in my braces cos she says my teeth are slanting and she wants to pull them into place so I have to put two rubber bands and replace them every 24 hours. I asked her if I can eat with the bands, she says it's alright but it'll take some getting use to.. Today she did not change my wires like she did every month.. I guess I am using the thickest wire she has now?

And surprisingly other than the 1st month where one of the brackets fell out after I bit on a butter cookie, I had no more similar accidents since! Hahahahaa! I even tried biting on sugar cane (in China), crabs and other hard stuff.. Let's pray that it will stay that way.. :)

Afterwards I called Brendan back cos he called me while I was about to go in to change my braces bands.. I asked him about the rubber bands cos he also had braces done before, and he said it's normal and I will get used to it.. T_T"

He said wanna treat me to sushi buffet but 'suddenly realized' I don't eat raw fish! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Duh? I told him I eat buffet not worth it cos I only hoot the cheap stuff and unless the buffet is like $20++ than don't bother cos I paiseh he pay so much also.. than he say he will eat the sashimi than I can eat the rice of the maki. KNS! So I told him to change place cos no point paying so much if I only eat the cheap cheap stuff right? Not sure where we going tomorrow but we gonna eat something else. :)

So I walked over to Nex and since I've not had anything to eat from morning till 4pm+, I was walking around trying to decide what to eat.... than I decide to eat something cold since I don't get to eat my Peanut icekachang from Tanjong Pagar...

My fave frozen yogurt, Sogurt!

Out of some many frozen yogurt brands that are sprouting out like warts all over the island, my fave is Sogurt cos I can dispense it myself, scoop the toppings myself and their chocolate and apple flavours are super duper nice like siao! On top of that, the quality is good cos even after walking around for 10mins or so it did not melt into a gooey shitty watery mess.. I was eating very slowly cos of the stupid rubber bands and took around 15mins to finish it (usually I will gobble it down in 5!) and till the end it still retains the 'shape' of the soft serve. Good stuff! They charge by weight so you can dictate how cheap or how expensive you want it! My selection are usually around $6 to $7.. :)

Afterwards went to Isetan's Ettusais to stock up on my makeup products.. They giving the pink pouch to members for every $60 spent. Not super chio, but better than last month's horrible fguly flowery thingy.

Dinner! :)

I tabao-ed sushi from Cold Storage and bubble tea and came home to nomnom while watching Glee on my Singtel Mio. New episode not out yet, but it's ok.. I watched the Prom Queen episode (for the 14th time?) and is still loving it!

Now when I open my mouth wide, I can feel the rubber bands pulling on my teeth and there's a familiar aching pain.. which I strangely find, is comforting! Cos after a while my braces won't hurt and I feel that it's not doing it's job in pushing and straightening my teeth cos NO PAIN = NO GAIN! Yea yea, I am weird lah. Meh.


Anonymous said...

hi jasmine, just wanted to let you know that i have been reading your blog for about three years now. they never fail to keep me entertained and on top of that, give me latest updates on singapore. look forward to reading more entries! cheers, cara

Jasmine Tay said...

Hi Cara!


I am so happy when my readers leave me a comment cos they seldom do.. Where are you from? I hope I can entertain u with my further blog entries. :D