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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Debbie's Wedding Dinner at Orchid Country Club

Debbie sent out an event notice in Facebook way back in January to "Save the Date" for 22nd May 2011 for her wedding dinner at Orchid Country Club.

Back then I was still working in Namho Travel so I told her I will try my best to remain in Singapore and not go on tours, and if I am in Singapore it's easy for me to request for OFF on this date since I was one of the team supervisor and I am able to choose my own roster.. :) Well, no worries on my work schedules since I am no longer working at the moment!

I met Debbie last year when I was working at Apple and we were the only 2 Singaporeans in the whole class during our 1 month training. Everyone else was from the Philippines... The other Singaporeans in our batch were sent to the Mandarin class, so in a way you know how 'good' our Mandarin is lah. Hahaha! But her Mandarin is much better than me and she always laugh at my wrong usage of words one. :(

Anyway, we bonded and had lots of fun together, sitting together during class, planning a fellow colleague's surprise bday 1 week into training, having lunch together and basically talk cock sing song lah. Hahahaha! She also helped me a lot during class cos I am a Mac-idiot and never used a Mac computer before I joined the company.. I had to rely on her!!

I was so amazed by the Sticky note function that I created hundreds of small stickies and arranged them according to category and colour.. and I keep moving them around and sorting them so they will flip into place.. and everytime I do that, I will ask Debbie to see and I will add in sound effects like "tip tip tip... ooooh!" than she will laugh, call me siao and nick-name me as the Sticky Monster.. HAHA! Good times!

Once we even drove out to Macdonald's for lunch once during our training but did not repeat it cos it was quite rushing and we had to adhere to strict timing schedules.. so afterwards we usually tabao from home or buy the potato salad from the Cafe! ^^ After training we were sent to EM1 (English/Mandarin One) team and were one of the 3 girls in the group, the other girl being Cynthia! Unfortunately our team was disbanded and we were separated.. than she quit and I super sian cos my buddy not around anymore. Not long after I quit also.. But even though we no longer working together, at least we keep in close contact on Twitter and FB so it's ok. :)

I'll always remember her as my Ah Lian Chiobu Little Nonya. Hahahahaha! She looks so pretty and sweet but she can be damn Ah Lian one ok?? Once I drove her to AMK Hub and she was like "Ti Ti Kia!! CHIONG AH!" and to the lorry driver beside us, "SEE WHAT SEE?!?!". LOL! Super cute. ^^

The last time I came to Yishun Orchid Country Club was more than 10years ago... I remember the grand staircase leading up to the ballroom.. But I remembered it being bigger though.. Or maybe I grew bigger instead?

The ballroom!

The last time I came was with my mum and it was for some huge ass wedding.. like 150 tables or something, cos I remembered there were tables on the 2nd floor and beyond the main floor space. Madness right? Debbie's wedding had around 50 tables. As you can see, the table on the left side in the picture is empty... in the end only 3 girls were sitting there! They should have 'closed' the table so she can get a refund or go back another day to enjoy the food cos there were other tables with plenty of seats..

I think it's very risky to overbook tables at wedding dinners... Most of the time surely got last minute cancellations, like at our table, 2 person did not turn up at the last minute.. 1 of them SMSed to inform that he is sick and he just woke up... at 9pm. T_T"

Sometimes it's for valid reason lah, like last year during Philip's wedding.. both me and Pipimon were invited but I couldn't go cos my grandma passed away and it's very pantang (superstitious) to attend weddings so close to her funeral so I informed him more than 1 week prior the wedding dinner..

But to say you'll be going, than last minute not turn up without a valid reason (like don't inform at all even on the day itself)... that's shitty lah.

I sneaked a picture with the wedding couple before their march-in! :)

Mad Chio!
She waved at us ala-Baberella style. Super cute!
"Hello Everybody! Tanks for coming! Tanks!"

Deng deng deng deng~

Our wedding favours! Super cute giant pens!

Sitting with Cynthia.. we're the only 2 girls at the table!

Then it's time for the 2nd march-in! But instead of walking in, the Princess Debbie & her Hubby was chauffeured in on a buggy! So cool can?? Hahahahaha! And the way she waves, so princessy!

Group picture with my Apple ex-colleagues! Miss you guys so much!

Chio chio! :)

Wishing you a Happy & Blissful Marriage babe! :)

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