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Friday, May 27, 2011

Noms Noms at Nex with Wany!

Met Wany for dinner at Nex Mall today! :)

Din Tai Fung's menu forever the same one...

But doesn't matter since I always order the same food! :P

Love their thoughtful gesture for lady's bags!

My fried rice with pork chop! :)

Our Xiao Long Baos!

I'm trying to blow the smoke away. Fail big time!

Afterwards we went to Sogurt at Level 4! I am so addicted to Sogurt I don't know how to stop! The main reason I go to Nex is to eat Sogurt! Second reason is the library! I love Sogurt!! AAAHHH!!!

6 flavours you can dispense yourself!

My fave is Chocolate with Oreo cookie toppings! :)

The amazing thing is.. the chocolate taste like real ice-cream and not frozen yogurt! So it's like eating yummy ice-cream with less guilt and calories!

Wany tried 5 of the flavours! Hahaha!

They charge by weight.. so it's 100g for S$3. I always manage to keep it between S$5.50 and S$6.. Wany took S$9.30! Wahahhahahaa!

Afterwards we walked around than decided to plop ourselves at Teadot to chit-chat..

Wany's drink is some dragon thingy. I think. Haha!

Mine is the "Simply Matcha"!

I'm so greedy to order the large cup cos it's only like 80cents difference.. than towards the end I kept forcing myself to drink and got really sick of the drink. I think too much of a good thing IS a bad thing!


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Puichie said...

My friend is the manager of some outlet of Sogurt I think. So cool right!!!

Jasmine Tay said...

That's cool! I only went to the Nex outlet before though. :)