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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Elson!

It's Elson's birthday today! :)

Yesterday night past midnight (which was earlier today) I smsed him to wish him "Happy Birthday" and also asked about his birthday plans for today.. He told me he has no plans so Pipimon and I jio-ed him out for dinner today!

Earlier part of the day I went to DFS with Pipimon then Elson joined us later.. I shall blog about that in another entry cos I bought a new handbag! :) It deserves a long entry of it's own. Heehee!

Ok, then we decided to go for dinner and since Elson don't know where to go, Pipimon suggested Ayam Penyat Ria at Lucky Plaza! And off we go!

Look at the food! And this is only half of what we ordered!

I super love the Soto Ayam (Chicken Soup)! We ordered two bowls! :)

Also love the Ees Campur (Mixed Ice Dessert)! ^^

Stopped halfway to take pic than continued digging in! Haha!

Thank you Pipimon for the treat! ^^ Pipimon say treat him makan cos we never buy present for him.. Heh Heh!

After that guess where we went? :) DESSERTS! When I was walking to DFS earlier on, I passed by Shaw's Canele and was wondering when I will get the chance to eat cos everytime walk pass so many people, no seats! Than after dinner, Elson announced that he's treating us desserts at Canele but at Paragon! WOOHOO! Sometimes I suspect he can read my stomach lah!

After we took this picture, Elson say his tummy tummy very big and he look like a Carebear! So funny lah! Hahahahahaha! He super self-conscious about looks but he lost so much weight since the last time I saw him lor! Than he say Pipimon also lose weight but he very smartly (and nicely) did not say I gained weight -- which I did! Than I pointed out that I am super fat now but he so sweet say I look very pretty and sweet and ignored the fat comment. Sweet talk!! LOL!

So many things to choose! But guess what? My 1st choice of the Strawberry Shortcake is sold out! WAH LAO EH! And Elson also want that! Copy cat! Heehee! So in the end he just drank tea without eating the cakes cos he say he don't like chocolate.. -_-

Lots of Macarons to choose!

I chose the Caramel one! One for $2.50 lah! So I paiseh only choose one.. So ex can? But it's super yummy!

Le Royale Cake
Elson says this is one of the signature cakes so I chose this.. It's yummy!

Ok me boliao to stack. But so fun! Haha!

Pipimon's black forest cake
It's so chocolatey and yummy, I was tingling with chocolate overload!

Forced Elson to take pic with Pipimon's cake to pretend it's his bday cake cos he refused to lemme buy him a cake with candles, saying 1) he is too old, 2) he don't eat chocolate cake.

Oh wells, what's up with men and their denial and refusal to celebrate birthdays? Tsk!

But I am glad we spent time together today! Missed Elson a lot! And he gets along well with Pipimon also.. hahahahaha! Looking forward to our next dinner! Penang Buffet! WOOHOO!

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