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Monday, May 30, 2011

Canele Patisserie @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

Met Wany and her friends for dinner at Canele Patisserie at Raffles City today..

Chin Ming & Joanne

We saw Tay Ping Hui! Super handsome in real life can! *drools*

Joanne and Chin Ming were a little star-struck but they were too shy to go over to ask for a photo. -___- Haiyah! Got me around mah! I not shy one!!! Hahahahahaha!

Our Ice Water with Carrots... Strange.

My Yummy Mushroom Soup! S$8.50++
Comes with a basket of 'home-made' bread but soup portion very little.

My Crab & Tomato Spaghetti. Can't remember the price.. S$15.50?

Wany's chocolate cheesecake!

I wanted the strawberry shortcake, even made the effort to order early before all our food came but was told that they were OUT OF STOCK at 7.45pm. BOO! Lousy ordering skills by the manager cos all the other cakes were still available! It's like the 1st time I went to Paragon and it's also the only cake that is OOS! :( So in the end I skipped the cake.

I even skipped the macarons cos they did not have the Caramel flavour.. only some weird funky flavours left which Joanne and Chin Ming ordered and said not very nice...

By the way, service was horrible at the Raffles City outlet.. they served our food without cutlery, they take a long time to take notice of us waving our hands and overall it's not as good as the Paragon outlet. Most of the servers are foreigners (Not China) so you might have thought their service SHOULD be better than we locals, but unfortunately.. proven wrong again!

Wany & I are going to the Shaw outlet soon to compare to see if their service is better, but one thing is for sure, I am not going back to the Raffles City Outlet again. BOYCOTT!

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