Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 years anniversay

5 whole years! It's a wonder we are still alive.. I guess since we did not kill each other yet it means everything is still going well..

Planned on going to Hard Rock Cafe at RWS for dinner but because of the Growth Package that everyone received yesterday, everywhere is packed with people!

Even the dodgy uncles at my market are smoking normal cigarettes instead of those rolled types, and they are eating Wanton Mee with extra chicken feet and charsiew instead of the cheap $2 ones.. smoking and eating and boasting loudly "Government give us money to spend! Later go buy 4D!". I think their money will last for less than a week.. well, most of them.. because I also overheard them wanting to go Geylang for "happy time". T_T"

So we decided to go Vivocity instead but the movies were all fully booked! What!??! So I checked online and very luckily, Nex is showing Fast & Furious 5 and there are last row seats! Woohoo! So we changed to Nex instead, which is only 2 stops away from our house.. nearer~! :)

I chose the USA version of the poster cos it looks nicer.. And Fast Five is a nicer title anyway.. Because it's fast but not furious at all. I am very disappointed in the movie.. there's only 1 worthy car scene involving a vault dragged over the city by 2 cars.. other than that, they short-cuts a lot of scenes! For example, they need a faster car so they went to the illegal car racing scene to try and win one.. instead of showing the racing scene, they cut to the next scene where they already won the car. Duh!? We know you will win but we wanna SEE YOU WIN IT! Aiyah, whatever.

Afterwards we decided on Lenas for dinner.. woah.. Took us a long long time cos the menu is so complicated! So many dishes, mains, combinations.. sibeh headache!

First up, the mushroom soup in a bread bowl. It's $8++ and is a total rip off. Firstly they never scoop properly so the soup is spilled on the plate (eh! no presentation skills!), secondly, the portion is so small for $8++! I should have ordered the normal $6.50++ one where they serve bread on the side. As for the soup, it's nice.. but really not worth the price. Take the normal one if you're there.

Pipimon had the roast chicken with wedges and criss cut fries.. The black pepper sauce is super dodgy but the cheese sauce is nice. :)

I ordered the Vongole Spaghetti.. I added $3 to change it to baked pasta and it's quite worth it lah, cos there's lots of cheese..

Overall the bill was $50 without drinks and desserts.. so it's quite expensive. Service was hit and miss cos the door greeter was friendly but the waiters and waitresses were mostly bochup. Most probably not going back again..

In a few days we'll be going for our Anniversary holiday trip to KL/Genting for 4 nights! I am gonna miss Chloe!

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