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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Booked our flight to Jakarta!

Initially I really really wanna go to Japan cos it's really cheap flying there by SQ now and there are great deals on the hotel.. but the spending is quite high there (Hello Kitty, Disney?!?!) and it's quite unrealistic on our budget so Pipimon said why not Jakarta since his friend is staying there and can bring us around?

So we are going to Jakarta next month!

Pipimon's friend, Andree is gonna host us and we'll be staying at his house! Yippee!

Pipimon called Andree before we booked the tickets to confirm the dates with him and he kept laughing non-stop cos Andree refused to believe that Pipimon is going to book the tickets. The last time he went was in October last year and he kept promising to go back and always SSO (say say only) and never book. So Andree very fedup and told Pipimon he will not believe him until he sent proof of purchase of the airtickets.

Super funny lah! Pipimon kept saying "I am booking! Really! Trust me!" and Andree screaming on the other line "NO!! YOU ALWAYS BLUFF! SAY WANNA COME IN JANUARY, THAN FEBRUARY, THAN MARCH, APRIL.. WHERE??"

After 10mins of hysterical laughter, Pipimon hung up and say that after booking we must print-screen and send it to Andree by facebook msg and also to his two email addresses.. Haha.. and we did that! :) Andree will most probably get a shock tomorrow when he check his email and see..

Anyway we chose Lufthansa cos we checked all the prices and the price range is very similar between the budget flights (Jetstar, AirAsia) and the normal flights (Lufthansa, Garuda, Turkish Air). So we decided to take the normal flights with lesser chance of delay and also free 20kg baggage allowance and meals. :)

So between the 3 airlines, prices are plus minus $20 to $40 but we decided on Lufthansa cos I never fly by Lufthansa before and it's a Boeing 747 plane compared to Turkish Air's Airbus 330 and also the flight timing is what Pipimon wanted. :)

Yippee again! :) Going on a holiday in a few weeks time!

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