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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brendan's dinner treat! :)

Brendan is flying to Thailand tomorrow and he is going skydiving on Saturday! Ohmygod! I told him must meet for dinner in case *touch wood* he don't survive the fall than I forever cannot see him liao!! :(

He just came back from Japan and bought some souvenirs for me! I'm so touched can? And also.. he go overseas so many time and FIRST TIME buy souvenirs for me leh! Well, since he is a guy and normally he goes on business trips I don't expect him to buy anything back for me.. so this is a super big surprise! And also.. it's Hello Kitty! Woohoo!

He is taking Japanese classes every Monday but haven't travelled to Japan before.. so after his 1st trip, he is now suffering from the post-Japan syndrome. I told him before that if he go to Japan and eat the food there, everything in Singapore will taste shitty.

He did not believe me at first, but now he do. Honestly! It's not because of psychological feeling or what.. but most of the food in Japan are really really nice! You can buy any sandwich from anywhere and it'll be the best sandwich you ever tasted! And the fruits...... I always go to their supermarket and run around like a mad woman ooh-ing and aah-ing over everything. Haha! I am a carnivore who refuse to eat veggies but when I'm in Japan, I practically eat veggies everyday! Without the thousand island sauce! Just raw washed veggies.. Super yums! Singapore's veggies got the smelly veggie smell and taste.. I don't know how to explain it, but it does!

The small box is a kueh lapis thingy and I haven't opened the big box yet.. Can't bear to do so cos it's so pretty! I will take nicer pictures with my SLR and post it in a dedicated blog entry.. Hahahaha! :)

We had dinner at Nex's Ichiban Boshi! :)
The Mentai Scallops are going at $1 each for Thursdays!

He always order the set set stuff.. I just ate my fave chawamushi and some maki~

Aiyah.. talking about Ichiban Boshi.. the cashier never explain how the rewards card work.. the previous card I had, expired on 30April and I only found out on 1May. Major FML. But the irritating thing is, that card entitled me to choose 2 food items, a $10 voucher and a $20 voucher.. so see how much I missed out on? I thought can only claim when I finish all the stamps, but apparently you can claim the items any time lah! Dammit. I was so pissed off that I didn't wanna take the new card, but Brendan insist I keep it.. So, we shall see lah. -_- A bit sian liao.

Anyway, the dinner was his treat... so thank you so much! :D

Afterwards we went to Teadot so he can transfer new PSP games for me to bring to Jakarta to play next month.. He's supposed to bring along the SIMS3 expansion "Mediaeval's" or something but he forgot and he SMSed me "you are gonna kill me later" before we met cos I kept reminding him but he forgot to bring.. Haiyah. It's ok lah.. Always got next time. :)

Concentrating on transferring the games..

I purposely cleaned and wiped my lappy before I meet him lah! He always complain my laptop so many smudges than he will ask for tissue to clean it... super kua kua kua can??? Hahahahhaa! Today he saw my laptop and he went "Wah! Got clean!". Thanks ah! 

Simply Matcha!
This drink is very nice! I will go back and drink it again :)

All the best to his sky diving trip this weekend! Stay safe and come back alive!! ^^

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