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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chicken Rice Shop @ Vivocity

Went to Vivocity with Pipimon today for dinner..

We ate at "The Chicken Rice Shop".

Posing with the chicken basket~

Order the jug! It's more worth it! One cup is around S$3 but one jug is S$10. One jug can pour around 6 cups. You do the math. :)

Drowing his rice in chili! Haha!

I think it's because the curry is very thick and they are not stingy with the spices so the taste is fabulous. :)

Curry Laksa $9.50
Super expensive and not nice! Bah.

We usually order one set of Chicken Curry and one set of Crispy Roast Chicken to share but since this dinner was our first meal of the day and we were famished, we decided to order the Curry Laksa to share but were super disappointed cos it's not nice.

Anyway, I am not sure if I should write in to the Chicken Rice Shop's management.. but since it is not really any of my business I shall not make an official feedback.. but just in case somehow they go searching for feedback online and get routed to my blog.. here's what I gotta say.


Wanna know the reasons why?
  1. It's a full house with a long queue outside but one table with 4 chairs was occupied by his documents and files and one table with 2 chairs are occupied with menus. You just lost 6 seats that can hold 6 PAYING customers.
  2. There is no one to serve the customers at the entrance. One family of 6 waited for 40mins (yes I counted) cos most of the table are suitable for 4 and the layout of the restaurant sucks.. the manager or staff did not take down their name or number or indicate that they were queuing.. when another family of 6 came in afterwards, they just storm into the restaurant and plopped themselves down on the seats which were just vacant by another family but was not cleared by the staff.
  3. Lots of people left (I counted at least 6 couples and 3 big families) because no staff or the stupid manager could be bother to greet and write down their name/number and inform them that their table will be ready soon -- and let's not forget the two empty tables!
  4. The manager left at a super busy moment TO GO AND SMOKE! He came back and walked past our table and we could smell his cigarette stank!
  5. Our order took forever to come! All the food and drinks were stuck at the counter and all the staff just act blur and the manager just pretended to be blind.
And you know what's the BEST part? When I asked Samsol if he is the manager, he went "Ehh.. ya. U got complaint is it?". I told him that he lost a lot of potential customers and he should clear up the two tables and let customers sit.. Than he tried to deflect the blame and responsibility and said "It's the management's fault".



Management's fault is to hire a useless ass bum manager like you!

I told Pipimon that if I want to, I can just call the Chicken Rice Shop management and ask for the manager job with the promise of increasing sales two-fold in a month and that will be easy-peasy work! So idiotic lah! It's like turning away good paying customers because the manager and staff are lazy and not motivated. -- But I won't lah.. F&B is not my cup of tea.


Oh, and if you're wondering why I am so free to take note of all the above, that's because I was sitting right next to the entrance and have a bird's eye view of all the going-ons. I keep tsk-ing and Pipimon kept rolling his eyes and tell me it's none of my business.

It's really frustrating to see a business suffer and lose sales when their food is nice (mostly).

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