Monday, May 16, 2011

Canon Printer Ink

It's so bloody expensive!

I can't believe all my ink just ran out at the exact same moment.. it's like a conspiracy or something! But anyway, it's been 6 months.. so I guess it's ok lah.. If I have to change it monthly I'll die or something.

I remember my Marketing lecturer saying the Printer + Ink business is a perfect example where how a company can continue to make profits from you for a long time.. He even said that if there was no options for counterfeits (from China factories), companies may even consider giving the printer out for free or a super low and ridiculous amount but they will earn back from the profits of the ink cartridges.

Well, there are no FOC printer without conditions nor is it dirt cheap, but I see some printers going for as low as $59 but it's a basic model with no scan/fax option. My printer is quite good with the All-in-one functions and it has served us quite well for the past few months.. So cannot complaint! :)

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