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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Genting Highlands & Kuala Lumpur (05May-09May)

I think this is the first time I am so prompt in blogging about our holiday trip! Hahaha! We came back yesterday and I finished the post today! Efficient or what? :) I realized I have to blog while the memories are fresh if not I will procrastinate until it's too late.. Like my Hong Kong and Japan trips.. still can't find the energy to blog about them. :P

The trip was fun, bought some stuff and resisted buying any useless stuff! Achievement! ^^

Took the Grassland Coach from Golden Mile Complex!

The entertainment system.. You can choose movies and songs and even request for headphones and the game set from the driver but if the system is spoilt, you cannot complain (as per their Terms & conditions). I mostly ignored the system, just played with my PSP and iPhone..

I won't take Grassland again for a few reasons:
  1. Their service damn fucked up!
    When we checked-in at the office, the lady demanded for our vouchers and exchanged them without explaining why she exchanged it. When Pipimon insist in knowing, she snapped at him and very rudely tell him off saying they did not type in the confirmation number of the hotel booking and he shouldn't ask so many questions. WELL FUCK YOU! We as customers have the right to know and we did ask politely, so if you are having PMS or your bf refused to fuck you last night, don't vent your anger on your customers who are PAYING your salary.
  2. Coach is damn dodgy!
    The seats are dusty and dirty and they never even washed the coach! I felt so itchy after sitting for a few hours.. You can see the dust motes flying around the coach even without whacking the seats.. When you whack it.. PHOAR! Madness!
  3. Our request were noted but not processed!
    We requested for non-smoking rooms and double bed (queen) but even though it's stated in the booking form, it's not relayed to the hotels at all! For both Resort Hotel and Swiss Garden! If the request were relayed and they don't have the rooms, fine.. but Grassland did not even bothered to put in the request for us! Thankfully we got what we wanted (also thanks to my experience in dealing with hotel personnel) if not we'll be really pissed!

Anyone knows why the Tuas Checkpoint puts in stickers?

Pipimon disturbing Jason and Wany who were sitting in front of us. -_-

View from the room!

Mr Birdy likes the view!

Late lunch at Coffee Terrace :)

Yummy Penang Char Kway Teow!

Tom Yum Soup~


What time is it?

Late night supper!

We overslept so instead of eating the buffet breakfast (RM34), we went to Old Town White Coffee for a quick breakfast before meeting Wany & her friends at the Outdoor Themepark.

The tickets cost RM52 for both indoor and outdoor if you have the Genting World Card (any color).. and the good thing for Singaporeans is you get a free upgrade to the Silver card by showing them your passport. Silver card gets entry to the IR (International Room), priority queuing at selected restaurants and priority booking for certain hotels.. but there are terms and conditions lah.. Like within 1 year you have to gamble for 30hours and bet minimum RM1000 if not you'll be downgraded to the green card.

Wany and her friends stayed at First World Hotel.. Super colourful hor?

Wany was wearing long sleeve AND a jacket.. If I were her, I would have died of heat stroke!


Spent RM10 on this game but didn't win the pink seahorse.

You have 6 balls per try and RM10 buys you two tries. You have to get a certain amount of points to win the prizes. Each ball will drop into a slot of numbers 1 to 6.. so the odds of winning are very low cos they've already calculated what are the numbers that are least likely to come up. Pipimon tried to dissuade me but I insisted in trying and lost! :(

Took pic with the seahorse though. SO CUTE RIGHT!

London Bus~

Paid RM10 to take the Spiderman thingy..
Last time I took it was when it first opened, back in 2004 with Yaya & William.. Haha!

Spot me!

Only 4 of us!
The rest of the group were too scared of the ride. -_-

It's always 10.10 at Beryl's Chocolate World~


Wany & her SIM school-mates~

Pipimon bought 4 teeshirts from Bum Equipment :)

Love this Penang Rojak which we ta-baoed from Coffee Terrace! I love the sauce so much, I saved it and went to buy more fruits to eat with it in KL! I even have some left which I brought home!! Hope it won't spoil..!!

The lift lobby at our floor. Our room was 10122!

Checking out time!

Our hotel lobby is newly renovated and very pretty!

At the First World Bus Terminal (which is not very "First World")

Waiting for our bus transfer to KL~

Our transfer bus is by Five Stars! Pipimon says it's code-share cos we booked with Grassland. Coach driver damn heong.. cheong down Genting in record time.. Madness!

On the way to our hotel, the coach driver stopped at this dodgy shop selling local products and snacks.. Wah lao. So rip off, but we don't care.. we just went down and use the toilet. Btw, out of all the people on the bus, only me and Pipimon went down.. the rest can't be bothered.. HAHAHA!

Stickers so that the coach driver can get commission when we buy stuff-- which we did not! HAHA!

Took the hotel shuttle service to KLCC. Only 1 ride per day at 2pm and we arrived at 1.45pm and finished the check-in at 1.55pm! Lucky! :)


Was attracted by the giant Uniqlo display~

Opening day was on 6th May and we were there at 7th May! :) We heard there was RM10 per tee sales on opening day but the queue started at 7am! But we still got good deals lah! :)

Happy me bought 7 tees for RM39.90 (S$16) each!
Usual price is RM59.90! Super cheap can!

At the Harley Davidson shop~

Pipimon says it's more expensive than Singapore..

Had lunch at Madam Kwan's..

The food is so-so only.. Not that fantastic. Should have went with Thai Food. Sigh.

Harrods in KLCC~

We spent enough to redeem a Traveler Cutlery set!

Pipimon redeeming our useless free gift.. Haha!

I think we crave for stuff that we cannot get in Singapore.. Like Krispy Kremes, A&W and other yummy stuff.. but when they come into Singapore, we lose interest.. Like Dunkin Donuts.

All bought from KLCC!

Stuff I bought on the first day! :)

Time for bed! :)

Next day we got up bright and early for the breakfast, but after brekkie.. we went back to the room and I laze on the bed until I fell asleep for 3 hours! Pipimon was so nice not to wake me up, but we lost precious shopping time.. :( Sorry! When I came back to Singapore then I realized I'm down with the cold cos now I'm having very bad block nose and headache.. I think it's the dodgy coach cos it's so dusty and also there were some people sitting behind us that kept sneezing loudly.. spreading the germs. Yuck.

Bukit Bintang! Wooo!~

Pipimon with the sunnies he bought from HK~

Lot 10!

Love National Geographic!

I never buy any shoes at all during this trip.. :(

The Ion of KL! :)

Fountain in front of Pavilion~

Pipimon's soft-shelled crabs~

Pipimon's tempura~

Yummy Sushi! :)

Fried Cereal Chicken.. Damn oily!

Chawamushi is so-so..

Yummy Chicken Teriyaki Don! But I don't like the sesame seeds. Eek.

Bought more tees from Uniqlo! I asked for the Barbie paperbag cos it's super cute! Their Barbie range and Carebears series will be in stores End May.. Pipimon says if Singapore don't have it, we'll go to KL to buy it!! WAHH! :D

Bought fruits from Isetan :)

Thank god we took the monorail (RM1.20 per person, S$0.50) instead of walking the two stops cos it's like damn far and the taxi fare was RM20 fixed without meter.

Small and dodgy but cheaper than the ripoff taxis.

Super old school!

Only 2 stalls in KL but it seems really popular!

The story of Snowflake~

Waiting for our order~


Ok, the next day we had to leave at 12pm, so I rushed down with Pipimon to the stall and eat the dessert at 11am.. but they were NOT READY YET! Fuck lah! Their opening hours were from 10am-10pm but at 11am they were not even ready! WHAT THE HELL! Waste our time walking there in the hot sun can!?!?! So fucking pissed.. But Pipimon says this is "Malaysia Boleh", so cannot expect them to stick to the opening hours.. But isn't the boss from Taiwan? I thought Taiwanese got standards one? FUCK!

This is the "Newton" of KL.. lots of seafood stalls~

But scary cos lots of touting!! We didn't eat in the end..

Dodgy stall by the roadside..

Our late night supper!

All these for only RM8.50! That's around S$3.50! Wow!

Pipimon doing some last minute packing..

Waiting for the coach at the Hotel Lobby.. Pipimon showing off his themepark tag from 2 days back.. T_T" He really loves wearing tags.. so weird can?

Snacking time! Yummy RM3.50 Famous Amos cookie! :)

We took the same Grassland coach, number 6161 back from KL to Singapore. Total journey excluding the rest-stop is only around 4 hours which is super fast cos it's a coach, not car.. Thankfully Singapore's roads were not so congested and we reached home fast and safe! Even managed to buy Zchar dinner.

Super short trip but it's really fun! Only thing was the weather is really hot, especially at Genting. You'll expect it to be cooler and you'll need to wear a jacket to walk around but it was so hot, we were all perspiring in our t-shirts! Tsk.


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