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Monday, May 23, 2011

Magnum Pleasure Suite @ Orchard Mandarin Gallery

We were walking down Orchard Road when I was wondering why don't Ice-cream companies give out free icecream in this horrible hot weather in Singapore..

And I think somehow, someone up there heard my thoughts and we spotted a booth right smack in the middle of Orchard Road, outside Mandarin Gallery.

It's the Magnum Pleasure Suite! Lots of people went in, than walked out without reading the poster on the wall.. They just thought it's a showroom for furniture.. This shows how unobservant and ignorant many people are.. I keep hearing people say: "So boliao! What is this?" or "Nothing to see one! Chey!".

People... the poster is just there!


I don't know how they could have missed it! Tsk. Basically, all you need to do is count the items which are in pairs (i.e: Two of the same item) in the showcase and go up to Level 2 in Mandarin Gallery to fill up a lucky draw coupon and also circle the correct answer to win fabulous prizes! We stood there counting the items together and Pipimon was enjoying the free aircon. Lol!

So it's like there are two sets of playing cards, two frames on the wall, etc..

We went upstairs and found the information counter and asked for the entry forms.
I hope I am lucky enough to win the 1st prize cos it's a holiday to HongKong by Business Class air tickets! But they never state what airlines they are using, so if they use Jetstar or something than it's major kua kua kua.

After you fill up the entry forms, the girl will ask you to take your own ice-cream from the freezer which is in front of the information counter. She said we can only take one each, but even if you take one box I don't think she will stop you because she doesn't really pay attention to what we were doing.. Haha!

One box has 20pcs, so you can take and run!

Pipimon took one..

Santi guniang took one..

I don't like Magnum so I never take.. I just took picture with the Giant Magnum outside the Pleasure Suite. Pipimon asked me to take extra and give to some random kid.. but come on lah.. This is Singapore! Which kid will accept an icecream from a stranger? I won't allow my kid to do so, and even if someone were to give me free icecream on the street I will not accept it lah! So dodgy can!!

Both Santi & Pipimon only ate half of the ice-cream cos it's so freaking sweet you will literally cringe at each bite! It has DOUBLE coating of chocolate with a layer of caramel in between! Can you imagine how sweet it is? Hahahaha! In the end both of them threw it away and I kept laughing at them and teasing them.. But since it's a free taste, it's alright.. Just feel it's a bit wasted.

I think the organizers should give out mini-Magnums instead cos it's really too sweet to finish in one go. Pipimon has a super duper sweet tooth who adds 6 packets of sugar to his coffee and even he found it to be too damn sweet!

But I guess a mini-Magnum may not be enticing enough for kiasu Singaporeans huh? Haha!

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