Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

[30th April 2011]

Went out with Yaya, Joyce, Wayne & Pipimon the other day.. Had dinner at Raffles City Shopping Centre's Skinny Pizza (overpriced and so-so food).

Afterwards we went for a horrible movie (The Lost Bladesman) at a disgusting cinema which had cockroaches and smelt weird and the chairs were sloping downwards and super uncomfortable (Kallang Leisure Park).

Random picture of me posing with a super cute baby trolley. Told Pipimon that my mum stole one of these when I was in Primary school for my brother to play with at home and my dad quarreled with her and forced her to return it to ShopNSave where she stole it from. She had a van and 'smuggled' it home cos my brother liked it a lot. T_T"

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