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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dinner at Beach Cabana

My sister is working part-time during the night (for fun, not for the money mostly) at Beach Cabana, which belongs to our dad and she asked me and Brendan to drop by for dinner.. I've not been there in years.. T_T"

It's my off day today so I spent a few hours sleeping and most of the time packing my house to get ready to move next month.. My sister dropped by and dug through some of my stuff that I wanted to throw to bring home.. I have a new fish-tank and asked her if any of her friends want it and one of her friend actually want a fish-tank to rear goldfish! Wah! 

So we packed the stuff she wanted into a bag and she left for work while I waited for Brendan to come and pick me up (plus the bag & fish-tank) and we went to Nex Mall for a movie (The Iron Lady) which was damn good, grabbed a cup of froyo from Sogurt and hunt around for my sister's Polaroid camera batteries. The camera is using CR2 batteries and it's not very common. We went to Valushop, Challenger and finally to NTUC before we found them. Stupid thing costs $6 each! She better love me more!!

Afterwards we went down to East Coast Park.. Very nostalgic walking at the pathway of East Coast Park because I spent a few of my childhood years there. Most of my childhood were spent in parks around Singapore.. starting from Pasir Ris Pond, East Coast Park, Bishan Park, Pasir Ris Park cos all of my dad's businesses are in the parks.

My sister reserved a nice table for us and took our orders, even smuggled a cup of cherries for us. LOL! Super fun to see her work cos she's very sheltered and she needs to work to understand and learn that the world does not hand things to us on a silver platter. Then again, working at her dad's place is not really a humbling experience.. but I think she doesn't have preferential treatment there -- which is good.

Sambal Chicken Chop
The one I had 7 years ago was better.. Guess the chef is different now..

Brendan's Rib-Eye

Dad, Me & Brendan
It's been ages since I took a photo with my dad. I think.. 6-7years? He was very happy to see us at his cafe, and chatted with us for a while. :) Very happy to be able to sit and chat with my dad too. It's been too long...

Special Sundae!
They didn't have ice-cream on the menu tonight but they made it specially for us. Whee!

Lots of cherries!

I didn't know Brendan liked cherries too! Same as me and my sister! The cherries lover gang!

One of the staff called "Ber" even told my sister that the last time he saw me was when he "was a little boy". That's how long I've not been to his place! No wonder he looked familiar but I can't really remember him. O_O

Anyway, had a great time there! :)

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