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Monday, February 6, 2012

5 days of MC

Went for a tooth surgery just now.. It's damn elaborate cos there were 4 dental assistants helping Dr Choy with the surgery. 

I am still numb from the painkillers and anesthesia but I believe once it wears off it's gonna hurt like a bitch cos I have lots of medication to take..

I have to pop 10 pills each time for 3 times a day. That's 30 pills! FML!

Dr Choy gave me 5 days MC cos he thought I am OFF during the weekends so I can rest at home.. I informed my manager that I will not be going to the office and she actually asked me to go back earlier by cutting short my MC because they "can't meet service levels".

It's actually my rest days on Fridays and Saturdays and I have pre-planned my weekends till March because I am working the night shift and it's difficult to run errands, fulfill appointments and meet friends.. So basically she wants me to go back to work on my rest days as my other colleague is covering me during her rest days on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Seriously I thought no one is irreplaceable? I don't know how they expect me to talk properly and concentrate on my work with a swollen mouth full of stitches... especially when I am working in a call centre.

I am going back to the clinic on Friday, and I think Dr Choy will most probably extend my MC, but we shall see how.

Oh, and I spent a bomb at the dentist. It's so freaking expensive, I stifled a gasp of horror when I saw the bill. :(

And the bill is non-claimable, meaning I have to pay it on my own. FML!!

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