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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

IPL Treatment

I went for a Brazilian IPL treatment at Orchard Ion's Strip.

Remove clothes and store belongings in the cupboard..

The IPL Machine..

Cute sign at the door

It wasn't that bad.. but it's weird to have a stranger touching you at your private areas.. I tried Brazilian wax before and it is much more painful than IPL... Basically they are just using the light rays to pulverize your hair roots with heat.. They will put a cold gel before using the machine, so it's not painful at all.

Anyway the lady said it will take around 6 sessions to see results and each session has a waiting period of 6 weeks.. That's almost 1 year! T_T"


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Anonymous said...

I think the results of IPL differ? But from what I read at http://www.beautyundercover.sg/face-and-body/strip-ministry-of-waxing/ Brazilian IPL doesn't seem very effective for most people...