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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marutama Ramen @ Liang Court

I spent 13hours sleeping! Slept at 3am yesterday and only woke up at 4pm when Brendan called me to tell me he's coming over to my place to bring me out for dinner.. I think if he didn't call me I will continue to sleep to God knows what time.. T_T"

He's so sweet! He bought some pipe connector thingy thingy to help me fix my pipe problem..! I have been having issues with the pipe/hose as the connector thing broke and everytime I need to do laundry with the washing machine, I need to fill up the pail with water and pour it in the machine manually. Each load takes 4 pails of water and I need to do it 3 times. Super tiring and time consuming!

The connector thingy he bought looks damn cool and expensive.. O_O He actually spent one hour standing in the shop trying to decide what to buy and how to solve the pipe problem at my place. Awwww.. Thank you!! :) :) :)

I keep bringing him to lots of restaurants to try new stuff.. :) Hope he likes it! But then again, he is super NON-FUSSY and eats almost everything.. it is easy for him to be satisfied. I am the one with the fussy tastebuds. Heh. I think he is more stressed in suggesting places to eat in case I don't like it and I diao him or something. Oops. So most of the time I call the shots when it comes to food. I think that's the case with most, if not all my friends.. I am so particular that they let me choose where I want to go.. But usually I will give them two options so in the end they get a say too and everyone is happy! And hey, I have good taste ok? So my recommendations are usually good unless the chef is in a bad mood or something unusual happens.

Anyway, I suggested Marutaman Ramen at Liang Court so we can do the "Ramen + Pudding" combination and I can go to the supermarket! Hee! Pudding at Tampopo Deli at Basement 1. Super yums!

Normal non-spicy with 2 eggs! Always! YAY!

He chose the spicy version and added lots of garlic. -_-


Grilled Charsiew rocks! :)

After a super yummeh dinner we went down to the basement for the pudding at Tampopo Deli! We bought Custard, Milk Pudding and Milk Tea pudding.. :)

Afterwards we went to Meidiya and shopped for a while and I spent over $230++ there! OMG right? I bought fruits, tidbits, juice, cheese and stuff. Hahahahaha! The picture only show 1/2 the stuff I bought. Heh!

Anyway one of my wisdom tooth is hurting! :( It is poking out of my gums and I can't even yawn without feeling the ache. OMG. When will my teeth drama ends?

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