Monday, February 6, 2012

YuanXiao Dinner

My sister suddenly whatsapp me and asked me to go my Aunt's house for dinner cos today is the 15th day of CNY (Yuan Xiao). 

I just finished my tooth surgery and was feeling a bit groggy but I decided to go since it's the last day of CNY..

I took a bus/train home (have to save money cos I spent a lot!!) and waited for my sister to drop by before we cab to Yishun together..

We brought Chloe along too!

Chloe and my sister

Forced smile cos my mouth was kinda numb..

Teasing Chloe with Miffy, my sister's food mascot from Amsterdam..

My mother bought this really cheap measly Yusheng for $18. O_O
But it was alright lah. Just that it's damn small..

My brother, mother and two cousins (Aunt's children)

Lo Lo Lo Hei!

Mum bought this from Taiwan during her tourleading trip.

Chloe attacking my sleeping brother..

He's damn pig.

It's been a long time since I last saw my brother.. I think it's almost 2 years. We don't have much to talk about since we were never really close when we were younger.. He is the spoilt brat who gets everything he wants while I have to work for everything I want. I resented my mum for over-indulging and doting on him while neglecting me and my sister. There's no hard feelings between us but there's just nothing to talk about.

Also, you can obviously see (even if you are blind!) how my mum treats him compared to me. The way she talks is different. There's this motherly tenderness that all mothers should possess when they talk to their children.. to my brother it's 101%. To my sister it's 60% (but she's deluded and thinks it's 100%) and to me.. 0%.

My mum's boyfriend asked my Aunt to pass me an Angbao with $20 in it. I refused to take it at first but my Aunt forced me to keep it.. In the end I threw it to my sister and asked her to use it as cab fare (while giving her an extra $15) after dropping me off. OMG why would I want to use that bastard's money? He is a super duper asshole. I am not sure if I blogged about how he treated me, but if you were to hear about it.. you would be super pissed too.

Not sure why my mother is with such a loser. At least my dad's new wife is capable and more business savvy. The fucking loser even have a FB account and he called himself "Thiam Chye Dragon".

Oh please. DRAGON?

His surname is Phua and I call him Phua Chee Bye because he is a motherfucker.

Come to think of it, the term motherfucker has a pun intended. I may sound super vulgar but he is such a bastard I can't help it. The best is to put him out of mind and out of sight.. that means distancing myself from my mother as much as possible.


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