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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Universal Studios with Brendan & Joanna!

Planned a Universal Studios trip long time ago with my sister and Brendan. Brendan has never been there and I've never been there with my sister so I figured it will be fun day out for the 3 of us. :)

I insisted in getting the fastpass because:
  1. I don't like to queue
  2. I rather spend money than waste time
  3. Admit it, it feels great walking in the VIP queue #likeaboss
She keep on nagging at me but I ignored her.. Anyway since I am paying for the admission tickets and fast passes, she has no say. In the end, she conceded that it's worth the money I paid because of the time saved.. and most importantly the feeling of #likeaboss when she cuts the freaking long queues.

What is $50 compared to the time spent queuing like an idiot for 60mins for a 60seconds right? Money can be earned but time wasted is gone forever. That's my theory anyway.. If it is not excessive and justifiable, than it's OK to spend the money. It used to be only $30 for the Fastpass, guess they increased their prices to cope with demand.

Brendan picked up my sister cos she stays quite near him and he doesn't want her to travel all the way down to Sentosa by herself cos it's very far and we are meeting quite early. Awwww. 

We had breakfast at Toastbox!

 Brendan was so super busy that both of us finished our breakfast while he was on the phone doing some work stuff. Initially I told my sister to be mentally prepared that he might not make it cos he might be busy today and she was so disappointed but luckily he could take time away from work to accompany us. :)

Finally free to eat!! But the bread and egg is cold already. =.=

This picture is super epic! Charlie Chaplin waddled out and I was like "I wanna take a pic with him! I never take with him before!".. Then he winked at me, hold my hand and made me pose with him! Hahahaha! Then he used his cane to pretend to poke Brendan and snubbed him. LOL!!! Super funny!!

My sister asked "Does she look like Marilyn Monroe?".. 
Both Brendan and I went "NOOOO!!"

Our first ride of the day! :)

Average waiting time is 60minutes please! And no guarantee we will get front row seats! With our fast passes, we cut queue and got guaranteed front row! :)

My sister tweeted "If I were a transformer I will die of heart attack" because of the high speed chases and action-packed moves on the ride. Kua kua kua..

Castle of Far Far Away..


My sister and Brendan asked: "Why Fiona looks so weird? Why not human form?" And the handler said "Cos she did not bath today!". Lame shit.

Onion Carriage in the 4D show! :)

Brought my potionbottle for my sister to refill!

The refill drink is only $4.50! I paid over $20++ for the stupid bottle! I have two versions, the round one with Puss in Boots and this one with Gingy.. I gave her this cos she loves Gingy. Hahaha!

Brendan on 9Gag (as usual.. he is a super 9Gag fan).

My sister nagging at him to stop 9Gaging. Hahaha!

I like his Penguin shirt
(which I bought for him. Hahahaha! I have good taste. ^^)

Jurassic Park!

This ride is damn epic! The 3 tourists who did not buy ponchos ended up getting soaked.. It's Murphy's Law.. When you are prepared, you won't get wet. If you are not prepared and hope that everything is fine.. YOU WILL GET WET! I offered to keep their camera in my handbag.. at first they were skeptical and did not realized that the ride will make people wet but luckily they let me keep their camera cos it will be spoilt. Hahahahahaha!

*pinch cheeks*

Each of them had their own dinosaurs and I chose to sit with my sister cos I wanna replicate the "UP DOWN UP DOWN" I did with the Flying Elephants at Genting.. It was so fun cos the elephants there were really responsive and it's super exciting! My sister was so frightened that she cried but I just ignored her and yelled "FUN RIGHT!?!? BWAHAHAHAHHA!"

We went to watch Monster Rock which my sister did not watch before.. Saw one of her friend who is working part-time. Told her my first impression of him is very good and he is the type of guy she should hang out with. Geeky but not nerdy, smart but not act-smart and very polite and cultured. Brendan did not like the show. Hahahaha.

Afterwards we went to WaterWorld and watched that show before taking a few more rides..

Kiddy coaster time!

After my sister took this shot (that's her eye in the bottom right), the guy said over the intercom "PLEASE KEEP YOUR CAMERAS!" in a super deadpan voice. All 3 of us cracked up laughing like crazy. Hahahahaha!

Super kiddy ride but I love it! :)
I did not climb on one of those cos I was in a dress.. 

3 pretty smiles! :D
Yes, all three of us had braces before. ^^

My sister yelled "DUCK FACE!"

Wanted to have lunch initially around 2pm, but due to show timings, we had to keep postponing it until it becomes dinner!

My favourite place for ribs! :)

Tried the Potato soup and IT IS SUPER YUMMEH!

Chili Rice soup is too sour for my liking..


Finally had a chance to let my sister try what a REAL CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE tastes like. The TCC one is like pfffttttt and she's already batshit over it. Chilli's chocolate cake is not the best, but it has standards.. unlike TCC. Meh.

Afterwards we spent some time playing "Who am I?" before Brendan fetched us home.. The carpark fees was capped at $26.. First hour was $7, subsequent hours were like $2 or something.. OMG! Madness.

Overall had a super fun day! :)

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