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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My new Kindle! :)

I sold my Kindle to Elson cos he likes it and wants me to help him order a new one but it was out of production.. Moreover I don't really have the time to read anymore and Elson seems to enjoy reading ebooks on the Kindle.

There's still a lot of books that I've not read and Brendan has downloaded over 1000 books for me. WHERE GOT TIME TO READ? Moreover I told him I don't have a Kindle anymore since I sold it to Elson... 

And he went to buy me another new Kindle! This is a simpler version from mine. It doesn't come with a charger, no keyboard and no read-aloud function.. But I don't need any of those so it's good enough for me!

He wanted to buy the Kindle Fire with coloured screen and download magazines (National Geographic, etc)  for me.. but I told him I don't need that. I prefer the black and white screen instead of coloured screen cos the glare is less and it's easier on my eyes. And if I wanted a coloured screen device, I would have gotten an iPad instead.

What's in the box! :)

Thank you!!

He bought this for me before CNY by the way.. See the red nails! :D Actually I bought him a present too but it's a "secret" between us cos if anyone knows about it they will go O_O . Sometimes I will go O_O when I think about it.. Haha!

So far I've only read around 3 books on it in the past month.. I AM TOO BUSY WITH WORK! And whenever I start on a book I must finish it.. so I try not to start if I know I don't have the time and energy to finish. Urgh.

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