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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Dinner

Spent Valentine's Day with Joyce, Yaya & Brendan at Takashimaya's Coca restaurant.. Joyce's boyfriend was busy with work and he couldn't come... so it's just the 4 of us. :)

Joyce arrived first and she bought some pastries and macaroons from Paul.. I arrived next and went to buy more pastries from Paul.. Hahahahaha! Both Joyce and I went into the restaurant first (luckily Yaya made reservations!).. When Yaya came, both of us went out from the restaurant back to Paul and buy more! MADNESS!

Joyce nomming on the salad before Yaya & Brendan arrived..

Yaya bringing out the stuff she bought for us in Bangkok!

Yaya busy on the phone.. Hahahaha!

Yaya & Me are the ones that keep pouring in food into the pot. LOL!

Brendan & Me 

Nom nom nom!

Yaya & Joyce

I really like taking pictures but I am avoiding being in front of the lens recently cos I don't have enough sleep and my bodyclock is seriously fucked up.. Also, I seldom put on makeup recently.. I always say that I am "letting my skin breathe" and shit, but the fact is I am too lazy. So I look like a zombie without enough sleep. Look at my photos! Zero makeup on and my eyebags were popping out! Sigh. :(

After dinner, Brendan fetched me to work. Thank you! :)

Yea.. I HAD TO WORK! :( I am able to go in 1 hour later cos I had an hour time in-lieu for going early for a training some time back.. So my working hours was 10pm-6am. My midnight shift ends in April and I will have a new schedule from May onwards.. Not sure if I should get the midnight shift again. Pros and cons to it. 

Pros = less calls, quieter environment, mainly emails, more money
Cons = Fucked up timing messing up my health, enduring shit-talk from day team who thinks the night team is shaking legs doing nothing and undeserving of the extra allowance because there are less calls

I shall think about it.. But basically, not a lot of people wants the night shift because they value having a life more than the money YET they are jealous of the people who choose to sacrifice their life and health to do the night shift for having more money. Crazy shit right?

The famed garlic bread from JJ Market.
The background is my office. Hahahaha!

Present from Yaya from Thailand!

Present from Joyce! <3

Yaya helped my sister buy a new Polaroid camera with Miffy films! The camera is the same as mine. :) Gonna pass these to my sister when I meet her.. Hopefully I can see her this weekend :)

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