Thursday, February 23, 2012

Choco is back!

Choco is back from Malaysia for a few days to catch up with her friends and also to work part-time at the NATAS Fair this weekend!

I've not seen her in almost 2 years! I know her back in 2008 when I was working in CTC.. We used to be a tight gang. Me, Nathaniel, Vivien and her.. I only keep in close contact with Nathaniel now though.

Nathaniel said to meet at 7.30pm for dinner at Liang Court. It's cutting very close to my working hours because I start work at 9pm and I need to rush down to Pasir Panjang.. AND THEY WERE LATE! At 8pm they still did not turn up and I was panicking cos I can't be late for work.. 

8.05pm, I heard Choco's voice before I see her (typical) and she ran towards me and hugged me. Awwww. It's so nice to see her again and I was so happy I forgot to be angry at them for being late. Hmpm.

She's a mother now! I remembered her going home during weekends or taking leave to fly back home to "make baby" with her husband and coming back to Singapore. All the way back to Taiping! I can never leave my husband in my home country while going to another foreign country to work. Not that I am clingy, but I don't believe in long distance relationships because for me, "Out of sight, out of mind". Seriously. I know some couples are very devoted and dedicated to make LDR work, but it just don't work for me.

After taking the above photo, she lamented that I always look good in pictures no matter how cui I look like in real life. No make up, sleepy face, eye bags..but in front of the camera I somehow transform into a pretty girl because I am photogenic. 


She kept going on and on about "HAIYAH! Don't wanna take picture with Jasmine lah! Everytime beside her I look so aunty!" (In Mandarin).

I had to explain to a bemused Brendan (cos Tim & Nat are used to it) that she's always complaining that I snatch the limelight from her in photos if I was in it and she always want to retake again and again until she look good then she will complain that I look good in every picture.

It's not true.. I am photogenic but I am not super photogenic. I do have angles that doesn't flatter me too!

Anyway, I went to dig out an old photo of us taken in December 2008...

Any difference?

For a mother of one, I think she still looks good can? She says she put on weight.. Please lah! She's so freaking skinny, if I sit on her all her bones will break. Hate it when skinny people say they are fat. They seriously deserve to be bitch-slapped!! Luckily I love her enough not to punch her. Hahahaha!

Choco, me and Brendan~

After our ramen dinner (no pictures cos it's a chop chop affair), we rushed downstairs for pudding! Cos the combination is always Ramen+Pudding. Always.

Tim tim & Choco

A380 and Nat (Private joke)

Me and Brendan 

Group picture time!

Brendan retook the pictures a few times because the light behind us is shining through the gap between Nat & my face and it looks like the light is shining out from our mouths or something.. Hahahahha!

After pudding, both me and Brendan left first and he cheong-drove me to work! :) Miraculously I was only late for 10mins! Thank you thank you for accompanying us and sending me to work! ^^

Really happy I managed to see Choco even if it's only less than 1 hour, cos I don't know when will be the next time I can see her again. :( She is flying back next Monday.. maybe I'll drop by Singapore Expo to say Hi to her and my other travel trade friends tomorrow.. 

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