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Friday, February 10, 2012

P.S Cafe @ Harding Road

Met up with Brendan and his two lovely sisters for dinner today.. He came over to my place to pick me up and we went to Dempsey Hill's P.S Cafe!

All three of them are cheese lovers so I ordered the Cheese Board to share.. It's super yummy!

Caesar Salad with lots of cheese! Yums!

P.S Steak Sandwich which I shared with Brendan..

Brendan's favourite: Truffle Shoestring Fries!

Pamela with her Chicken Parmigiano which she shared with Cheryl..

Dark Chocolate Banana Cheesecake!

When I ordered this from the grumpy waitress (who did not smile the few times she served us) I said that I want the "Dark Banana Chocolate Cheesecake" and she cracked up..!! Hahahahhaa! Everyone laughed also. Haiyo!! The name is soo long!! When she repeated the order she got confused and said "Dark Banana.. I mean Dark Chocolate Banana Cheesecake.. Hahahahaha!"

Anyway I wanted the Mango and Banana Crumble but it was sold out. I chose the Berry Trifle but.. yes! It was sold out just after I placed my order! The waitress said "It JUST got sold out.. Sorry!".

Wah lao eh! I told Pam and Cheryl than I am damn suay when it comes to desserts cos everywhere I go.. whatever I want are usually sold out. Haix. So we shared the cake in the end.. We ordered so much food that we barely finished it.. Even with only 2 mains! The portions are really quite big..

They planned to eat my Kitty-chan. Hahahahaha!

Cheryl & Pamela

Brendan and Me

They were dressed so nicely and I was in my raggy teeshirt and shorts cos I just woke up and had no time to dress up cos Brendan called me when he left the house and I ate my painkillers before taking a nap.. Felt soo auntyrishy. TT_TT" And he was wearing formal cos he had to meet his clients! FORMAL! OMG. 

After dinner they came to my house, which was unplanned cos they wanna see Chloe and I was panicking on the walk home cos I keep mentally trying to picture how I left the house.. are there any clothes on the floor, is the place messy? Luckily it was not that messy.. I always panic when there are unplanned visits to my house cos I like it to be super clean and tidy for guests but I am too tired and lazy to keep it in a perpetual "showroom" state.

Alrights, I am gonna sleep cos tomorrow I am going to Universal Studios with Brendan and my sister! ^^

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