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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jack's Place Great World City


The last time both of us went to Jack's Place was like.. years and years ago! He can't remember when was the last time he went, but I remembered going to the Simei East Point branch during my Secondary school days! That's like 10years or more ago!

At first we planned to eat something soupy but I have this requirement that all my soupy dishes must be BOILING HOT if not I will refuse to touch them cos I hate lukewarm soup or liquid food (porridge, etc). So it kinda defeats the purpose of going to eat something soupy and be upset over not being able to eat it boiling hot as I have a screw in one gum which is very heat sensitive.. so he suggested Jack's Place but worried that I will have difficulty chewing.. Well, all I need to do is to cut the meat really really small! :)

Nice decor.. spoilt by the stupid sign.

Kitty under a tree

Busy busy with his work stuff but still able to pose for me. ^^

Shitake Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread (not nice)

Peach Cooler~

Seafood Salad (Nice!)

I like the bowl! Like a Giant Clam shell!


I can't smile naturally to show my whole row of upper teeth!

I think it's because my teeth are not wide enough, unlike Brendan and my sister's.. :( They have such nice smiles! Also, my lips are quite fat (okok, voluptuous -_-) and it kinda hide my teeth even more.

Sigh. Why did I go through 1.5years of braces only to not be able to smile like them? FML!!

Anyway it's really a big big challenge eating steak while my teeth & gums are still hurting.. I had to cut them really really small and chew it on one side of my mouth.. In the end I couldn't finish my steak and had to ask Brendan to help me finish it.. Hee.

After dinner we sat at TCC for a while and chit-chat while watching 9gag comics on his new Macbook Air before heading home.. He is such a regular customer there that they know his drink order by heart. #likeaboss

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