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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paul @ Takashimaya

Heard a lot of rave reviews about Paul at Takashimaya.

It is a french cafe/bakery serving french pastries and food.

Well, IMHO.. it seriously sucks. The service is horrible, the food is passable and the desserts were terrible. Even Delifrance serves better food than them at much cheaper prices and faster service.

Ice Lemon Tea which tastes like premix and not the real brewed tea with the option of adding your own syrup. $5.80++ for this glass of shit.

Potato Pancake with Mushroom. 
Taste was alright but it was served lukewarm! WTS!

Croque Madame.
Nearly broke my teeth chewing through the over-toasted bread.

Extra servings of potatoes for $4. Meh.

Nathaniel never complains about his food.. But his Quiche looks boring.

Wany ordered the Chicken Drumstick for $22.90 which we can get at Cold Storage for 1/5 the price and it will most probably taste better!

The Hot Chocolate was atrocious! 
It's like drinking syrup chocolate! Too sweet and too sugary! 
Piece of shit.

My sister and I with the 3 food mascots..
Miffy looked like she shitted out that Eclair.

Coffee Eclair
Doesn't it look like coated shit? 
It was so horrible that even Nathaniel gave up on it..

$6 for a piece of Macaron and you would have expected it to taste nice..
It's too hard, the filling was too sweet and it just falls short.

All 4 desserts sucks.
That's a 100% failure rate.

Lemon Meringue Pie
The only passable pastry out of the 4 and when I say passable I meant edible.

This was so horrible, it's like a cut out shape of shit.

Ok.. basically the food sucks. It was really horrible.. For a $150 bill (4 persons), we would have expected something of standard especially since it's a FRENCH cafe for goodness sake. 

I have tried pastries in Paris and they are outta this world. I am not benchmarking the food here with Paris since it will be like comparing Chicken Rice in USA to Singapore's.. but it is really bad. I would rather go to Canele anytime and the food there will beat the food her hands and feet down.

This is a try once and forever not coming back kinda place.

Even if someone were to say "Hey Jasmine, let's go to Paul! My treat!" I will say "Effff!! I rather eat plain bread with peanut butter!"

Ok.. enough with the horrible food ranting.. Nathaniel showed us a ring he just bought! ^^

It comes in a Tiffany box! Ooooh...

Slowly untying the ribbon..

Wany's friend friend "unfriend" her best friend of 10years because she untied the ribbon and couldn't tie it back the Tiffany way.. so Wany is very afraid when it comes to Tiffany ribbons... Hahahahaha! I told her my future husband will not buy me a Tiffany ring so she need not worry about me unfriending her over a stupid ribbon. :)

What's in the pouch?


Kitty posing with the ring~

Nat said it's very obscene.. the kitty with the ring on her ass. LOL!

Kitty-chan and Joanna!



Sister and I!
I look so old beside her. TT_TT"

Trying Nat's ring..

Super bulky but it's nice for a guy!

Wany and my matching pink dolphin Thomas Sabo charms!

Can you believe Nat actually brought out his blue Angry bird?
He said that's his food mascot! Hahahah!!

Yes I made him pose. HAHAHA!

Horrible food, but at least the company was great! ^^

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Anonymous said...

Agreed.. The food is horrible.. Very limited choices and several main menu items were reportedly 'sold out' at 3pm?? Thought that was tea time, even the hot chocolate tastes awful- like bittet Milo! Never going back there again!