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Friday, February 24, 2012

NATAS Fair & P.S Cafe

It's the NATAS weekend again! From today till Sunday.. It's a great relief to not have to go to Singapore Expo twice a year for 3 days each time and talk non-stop. 

It's fun a few years back, but as each year goes by.. it becomes more and more commercialized and "sell-out". No matter what the market figures are reported in the news (which is a load of bullshit to me), the younger generation are going towards Free & Easy travel and not group packages anymore.

I will never ever join a package tour because it's very restrictive in terms of dates, itinerary.. well, basically everything. I want to be in control of what I want to see, where I want to go, how long I want to stay in each place and also the flights and hotels. There are so many websites and other sources where you can book your own flights, hotels and tours.. so why join a highly restricted tour package?

I may sound ungrateful since my main source of income for the past few years are from tour packages by working in the travel agencies.. well, I am talking about the younger generation. For the older generation or families with young children, it is still advisable for them to join a package tour if they don't want to think or worry about where to go or decide what to have for their meals.. Everything is prearranged for them. 

For myself, I prefer to be in control of my own time.. it's just like my life. I don't like to have another person to dictate my path in life and tell me what to do. 

Staying alone for a few years has changed me. I am no longer bound by the usual family rules or obligations. I don't have curfews, I don't need to attend family gatherings, I don't have to be home for dinner everyday, I don't have to answer to my parents for whatever decision I make..

Without realizing it, I've changed a lot. For better or for worse, only time can tell.

Maybe things will change when I get married and settle down with my own family? But for now, I'm gonna enjoy my freedom and independence! :)

I bought some snacks from Bengawan Solo and took a cab down to Singapore Expo. Didn't know what to buy so I just stood at the display cabinet and pointed to the kuehs in random.. "Gimme 2 of these, 3 of that.. 1 of this.. Is this nice? Ok gimme 2."

I have friends who can get me the Exhibitor tag to go in for free but I didn't wanna bother them so I just went to buy the Visitor tag for $4. It used to be $3 if you pay by Mastercard but now you have to buy a minimum of 2 tickets to enjoy the $1 discount. Damn smart of them.

I went to the NAMHO booth first to look for Hallie and pass her the Pandan Chiffon cake she requested. She thought I will buy 1 slice but I bought the whole cake for her. LOL! Bought a 1 year travel insurance plan with her.. I think it's cheaper if I buy separately but I am so lazy to buy each time I go overseas.. moreover, I can use it as an excuse to travel more! "I have 1 year insurance! Must go travel!". Hahahaha! Anyway I have a trip in May to UK for almost 2 weeks and the insurance cost is around 1/3 of the yearly plan so I think it's worth it.

Next I went to ASA to look for Veronica & Victor who are my ex-colleagues in CTC but they left the company and was in EUholidays. I didn't know where they were until I walked past the booth and Victor called out to me. Chatted for a while with them and it's nice to catch up with old friends.

Lastly I went to CTC booth and said Hi to some of my friends there.. I have mixed feelings about my ex-colleagues over there. Some of them are happy that I found a better job that pays well. Some of them felt resentment towards me for leaving because they can never have the courage to leave their comfort zones for greener pastures. Well, whatever.

One of my ex-colleague Mark gave me a SQ Hello Kitty in Kebaya. I already have one from last year, but it's so cute so I took it from him. :) Now I have two of these! Yay!

I finished visiting all 3 booths in 1 hour! Super happy cos I only arrived at Singapore Expo at 5.30pm and Brendan is picking me up at 6.30pm to go for dinner with Jace & Yaya.. so everything went perfectly as planned!

We picked up Jace at Tiong Bahru Shopping Mall at 6.30pm and drove down to Dempsey Hill to meet Yaya for our dinner! :) Jace said she's super stressed cos Brendan arrived at 6.20pm and she was still in the train.. she said she's seldom early, told her Brendan is seldom late and she panicked and ran from the train station to the taxi stand. LOL!! She even whatsapp me and said she's having a heart attack cos she is rushing down.. but she is on time lah. 6.32pm. HAHAHAHAHHA!

Cake display at the entrance!

Yaya is already there waiting for a table! :)

Brendan was on the phone talking outside.. The waiter offered to help us take a picture! :) Yaya & Jace has this funny "theory", so everytime someone help us take a photo, they will quickly look at the picture and "Assess, assess!" Long story.

Brendan came back and we got a group picture! :)

Yaya is ultra high. As usual.

1st dish, CHEESEBOARD!
I love the cranberry cheese! But I can't find it anywhere outside.. :(


Truffle Fries!

This cake is so huge.. it's scary..

My Sherry Triffle! Nice! But I don't like the cream..

Why do Brendan and my sister have such nice smiles? I can't smile like them.. showing 2 rows of teeth without looking like I'm grimacing in pain. :(

Pretty flowers in the Ladies room! :)

We sat there until closing time! Chit chat and laugh and gossip! Very sweet of Brendan to accompany us and not fall asleep while we have our girly chat.. even gave his advice from a man's point of view. :) And he sent all of us home at 2am! Awwww. Clementi/SengKang/BoonKeng. Thank you! <3

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