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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday celebrations for Yaya & Joyce

Yesterday night we celebrated Yaya & Joyce's belated birthdays! Yaya's birthday was last month and Joyce's birthday was in November last year!!

Anyway, Yaya chose to go to delicious for dinner. It's located at Scotts Square's basement. It's the first time I went to the shopping centre and it's super new but bland.

 Yaya and Me!

 Yaya, Joyce & Me!

Brendan and I shared the Chicken Caesar Salad cos we had a SUPER filling lunch at Sun with Moon earlier on. I still prefer Canele's one... though they have whole pieces of anchovies here.. I asked for extra servings and they charged SGD5 for a small portion.. Don't mind paying, but it's kinda overpriced.

The ladies' choices

 I wanted Macadamia Cheesecake, but as usual.. whatever I want is always sold out. So I settled for the Rasberry Cheesecake which was so-so.

 Yaya's Berry crumble.
Tastes horrible. :(

 Joyce's Pavlova.. it is so sweet, I was shivering from sugar rush!

 The gentlemen. :)

 The ladies ^^

 Belated Birthday babies!

 Brendan was testing out the multi-shot. EPIC SHOT! LOL!



 After dinner I told them I really wanna go Lo-hei cos I only had 1 Yusheng during this year CNY when Yaya bought it to my house.. so we went to Sakae Sushi at Wheelock for a Lo-hei session! My treat! ^^

 The Filipino waiter saying the wishes in English cos he can't speak Mandarin. Asked him to add in "Let her lose 20kg!" --> for me. Hahahahahaha! And he did lah!


 Later we wanted to go somewhere for coffee and Yaya suggested TCC at Circular Road.. 

 Second level all beanbags and easy cushion seats..
Took me a few times to get into a comfy position -_-

 Yaya damn expert. One time can find her "position".

Brendan patiently waiting for us three while we talk cock and reminisce about the past. Joyce's boyfriend Wayne was knocked out and sleeping on the other side of the table. LOL!

 We gave Yaya her birthday present.
Joyce bought the card and I prepared the angbao. :)

 Yaya and the birthday angbao!
We don't know what to buy for her so we gave her cash to go buy whatever she wants. 



While chatting, Joyce took out neoprints of me in my Poly days and I was sooooooo skinny! OMFG what happened to me!?! I swear that I will lose 20kg before 2012 comes to an end! This will be the year that I will finally succeed! *roar*!! 

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