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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9th Braces Visit!

Just went to change my braces bands today.. :)

I think I regret choosing transparent cos it's not "popping" enough.. And I think it will change colour if I eat curry or something.. Eeks.

My dentist has evened out one of my front tooth by smoothing/cutting it.. She's also trying to push a gap wider in my lower right side so I can put in an implant for a tooth that was removed when I was Primary 5 (because my mum was too cheapo to pay for a root canal treatment and opted for the cheaper alternative to pulling it out).

What colour should I choose next month? Powerbands are boring because I can't alternate the colours on the same row.. it's one connecting stretch so I have to choose the same colour for each roll, moreover the colours selections are more limited than the normal bands.. :(

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