Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't you hate people who are so opinionated?

I super hate people who think they are so high and mighty and think that their opinions are sooo important and everyone else is wrong because they have different views.

Basically, it's "their way or the highway".

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion. But if you are opinionated and like to shove your beliefs and preferences down other people's throats.. than you need to have a wake-up call.

First of all, I think there are many people who like to proclaim a city as their favourite based on the following reasons:
  1. They visited it more than once
  2. Their first overseas trip
  3. Influenced by social media
    (Oh, Paris is so romantic so it's my favourite.. but I never go before!)
  4. And many more..
There's nothing wrong in saying that you like a place or that is your favourite place. It can be a place of special memories for you.. for example:
  1. Where you were born before you migrated
  2. Where your husband proposed
  3. You met a stranger & had great sex (who knows?)
  4. The food is fantastic
  5. The shopping is wonderful
  6. And the list goes on..
Like for me, my current favourite city in the world is Tokyo. Cos there is Disneyland, HelloKitty Land and lots of yummy food. Of course, I say "current city" as I think I may change it to Las Vegas or California or Los Angeles when I have the chance to go.. Mainly because of the shopping and the lower exchange currency rate compared to Japan. Heehee.

Like I say, everyone is entitled to their own choice, opinion and proclamation on which country or city is their favourite.. But I absolutely hate idiots who force their opinions and preferences on me.

I know many idiots who say "Taipei is the best city in the world!" when I asked them why, they say cos they been there many times.. When I asked further.. guess what? Taipei is the ONLY city they visited other than their home country (i.e: Singapore). And when I asked them if they will find other cities as nice, they replied "No, cos Taipei is the best and I will only go Taipei!"..

I probed further (yes I am very nosy) and asked why don't they travel to other countries since Taipei is the only city they go to so there's no comparisons that can be made.. than they will say things like "Why do I need to go other place? Taipei is the best city in the world cos I visited it!".

Oh, so now it became the best city in the world because you brought your ass there? Wow. The world sure revolves around you.. or maybe the circle of sky you are seeing (Reference to Frog in the Well story).

Someone I know keep repeating and telling me:

"I only fly Singapore Airlines. Everytime I travel overseas I will fly with SQ!"

But you know what? His/her "everytime" is only ONE TIME! Yes! ONE TIME! He/she only travelled to this country (which I will not name) once and before that trip (which is free btw), only travelled by coach to Malaysia.. meaning he/she never actually flew on a plane before! Nothing wrong with not flying on a plane before, but why must so act atas and annoyingly hao-lian and boast that "I only fly SQ whenever I travel" when you actually only flew on a plane once and didn't even paid a single cent for it?

Also, you may have encounter such dumbfucks before..


[Example scenario Number 1:]

Idiot went to LA for 1 time, then came back and rave rave rave about the country, saying things like...
  • "Wah! The people are so nice and friendly!"
  • "Food sooooooo cheap!"
  • "Branded sooooooooooo cheap!"
Than goes on for 2 hours on how great LA is.. and wait! He/She slowly changes the way he/she raves and start to say:

"Everytime I visit LA, I will go to XXX shop for pizza and eat at the Indian stall near Anaheim!"

Umm.. hello? I thought it was your 1st visit? I don't understand the "everytime" part. Somehow your 1 and only visit has magically morphed into several times already?

And without caring if you are interested or not, they will continue on and on, and REPEATING themselves with the facts/points changed. Two hours ago, he/she was saying that the nice pizza is only USD6. Two hours later, the very same pizza became USD4! Wah! So amazing huh? You eat one pizza but paid 2 different prices for it? Oh please!

Not only does the story changes, he/she will go on and hard-sell you to visit the place and "must try the pizza!!". Hello? So what if you like the fucking pizza? I DON'T LIKE PIZZA! Why must I eat what you like?

Giving someone unwelcome advice is like shoving toilet paper down their throats.

If I am travelling overseas, you may feel obliged to give me some travel tips.. but I think you should give me tips that are useful, not personal preferences based on your assumptions that I like what you like.

For example:
  • No egg products when you travel to Australia
  • Buy a luggage with an ESTA lock when you travel to USA
  • Change your currency in Vietnam as the rates are better
  • There are no GST in Hong Kong, so no tax refund
The above are examples of GOOD AND USEFUL tips and hints.

What you like may not be what I like.. So stop shoving your shit-ass opinions and preferences on me. Unless I ask you specifically "Where is the best Fried Noodles in Thailand?", don't go forcing your foodie advice on me cos I don't give a fuck.

There are websites like TripAdvisor, TravBuddy etc.. If you have so many opinions, go to the bloody website and type and give your reviews and comments to people who actually care! I don't give a flying fuck on how many bottles of shampoo the hotel gave you, or how cheap your Coach bag is.. I am nodding my head out of politeness and that will be the last time I am sitting down and having coffee with you. EVER. Or you are just struck off my friends list. FOREVER.


[Scenario 2]

You tell someone.. "Hey! I am going to ____ next month!"

And what is their response? Just give a wild guess......

95% of the time will be.. "Can help me buy ______?"

Personally, when my friends tell me they are going overseas.. I will not trouble them to buy stuff for me unless they asked me what I want or if I need anything from that country. But even so, 90% of the time I will politely say "No" cos I don't want to inconvenience them to go and search for the things I want on their holiday.

It's a holiday.. not a purchasing trip for your cheapo ass! They are going there to enjoy themselves and do some sight-seeing and shopping, not to help you lug your purchases back because you are TOO CHEAP TO BUY THEM YOURSELVES. So what if Singapore sells the item more expensive? Or Singapore don't have? Hello?! They are paying for the flight to go there.. so if you can afford it, FLY YOUR ASS THERE and buy it yourself! Ever heard of online shopping?! Buy it off the internet!! Then again.. since these people are so fucking cheapo that's why they don't spare a thought for other people and don't care if they are inconveniencing other people.

Call yourself a friend? *flush* There you go.. down my toilet bowl with all the shit stuff.


Yea yea yea, call me a bitch for being so bitchy and sensitive about such stuff.. But I really really detest these kind of people and makes me so pissed off.

Unfortunately there are many such people in this world and my friend list is dwindling cos I cannot tolerate and condone such shit behavior from people who are my friends (and now my ex-friends).

I am still polite enough to not say it in their faces or kick their butts but I will just ignore them and slowly cut them out from my life. Who needs such parasites around?

2 comments to “Don't you hate people who are so opinionated?”

  • April 22, 2011 at 12:57 AM
    wanwen says:

    I hope I'm not one of these pple! Even though I fully asked u to buy those HK biscuits for my sis that time. Oops! Hehehe!

  • April 22, 2011 at 2:05 AM
    Jasmine Tay says:

    No lah, you helped me so much by lending me the SIM card and check-in the flight and stuff.. talking about other people, most whom I seldom talk to now..