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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

KL Trip next month! :)

Wany is going to Genting with her school-mates and asked if I would like to go too.. So I asked Pipimon and he jumped on the opportunity cos we have not visited KL in almost 2 years and it's his "favorite city in the world", other than Amsterdam.

The dates are from 5th May - 9th May, 2nights in Genting followed by 2nights in KL! :)

Our Singapore General Election Polling Date is on 7th May! That means we will miss it! But since we booked the tour before the announcement of the date, we won't be penalized but we have to re-register our names on the registrar when we return and show proof of travel, if not we will be struck off.. forever!

Wany and her friends are only going to Genting for 2 nights from 5th to 7th May.

Pipimon and I went to Golden Mile and browsed around the different agencies to check out the packages.. And very coincidentally, Wany and her friends also came to the same agency when we were at Grassland! Wahahahahaha!

We booked at Grassland cos their Single Supplement rate is lower than the other agencies. Wany and 4 of her friends are going. Total is 3 guys and 2 girls including her.. One of her guy friends want to have a single room by himself cos he doesn't want to share. Pipimon commented to me privately that he most probably want to have "extra activities" at night, and that guy later told his friends (jokingly -- but not convincing enough) that he gonna have some night activities by himself. For the slower ones reading my blog.. that means prostitutes lah!

Anyway, their top up for their SVIP coach is only SGD20 compared to Transtar's SGD53. Of course, Transtar coaches are newer and bigger, but we have to go along with public opinion since we are going in a group. But if me and Pipimon are going to alone we will most probably choose Transtar. :)

Read REMARK (2).
"Entertainment system (a TV) is provided free of charge. No complaints will be entertained if the TV is not in working conditions......"

This further shows why I will go with Transtar cos there's no such shit clause in their package. I thought we paid SGD20 to upgrade to the bus? So in a way we are paying for it right? And shouldn't they ensure than their TVs are working? Shitty clause. But whatever lah.. there's always iPhones and PSP! Hahahahahaha! Gonna ask Brendan to load more games on my PSP cos the battery last longer than my iPhone.

Oh, for Transtar First Class coach, there are even power plugs to let you charge your devices! Haiyah.. a bit regret never take Transtar... Maybe next time.. Must give Grassland a chance cos we always travel by Transtar.. We may be pleasantly surprised? *fingers crossed*

Bought travel insurance at the Travel Fiesta at Singapore Expo last Sunday from Santi Guniang.. Trying ACE Insurance instead of our usual Chartis Travel.. :)

Counting down to our holiday! Yippee!

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