Friday, April 22, 2011

Shangrila Leisure Farm @ Yilan


We checked into the new wing of the Shangrila Leisure Farm at Yilan.. It's fab, with a pretty mountainside view and two bed double beds..

Best thing was, it has a bathtub overlooking the mountainside as well!

Pretty? :)

One of the resort's rep brought us for a nature hike around the area and show us all the pretty view. Our rooms are the ones with the red roofs. :)

We went fruit picking! Oranges!

It's kinda dangerous cos there's no fencing and the slopes are quite steep.. so if you miss one step... dum dum dum dum.. Off you roll!

Romantic places for photoshoots!

Swing swing~

Everything is made of wood.. super nice!

Nice place for tea! :)

Next the rep made the group walk across a rope bridge.. some of them dropped their cameras and coins! T_T" I had to go and search for them in the grass..

The resort also sells fireworks which I bought and played with.. Quite expensive, around S$20 to S$40 for the large ones.. Video in my next entry! :)

Pet pig.. I fed him cookies! Haha!

At night, there were activities like releasing the sky lantern and other games.. the food were not that fantastic, but the air is very fresh and the rooms are beautiful! :)

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