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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chili's at RWS!

Had Chili's at Resort World's Sentosa with Wany and her mum today..

Made a mistake in not sharing the ribs with her cos it's MASSIVE!

Look at all the food!

In the end, we tabao-ed most of Wany's ribs cos we really could not finish everything.. Maybe because the ribs were overcooked, slightly burnt and too tough. :(

We got a free brownie (Worth $11) because the ribs were overcooked. The nice server offered us a complimentary brownie when we turned down his offer to change our food.

The brownie was really shiok though.

Actually, the service also sucks.. Other than the nice guy who gave us the free brownie, our waitress had a super surly face and the door bitch (literally) was sitting and resting in one corner and was unhappy when we walked in the restaurant without her showing us the way. She looked super bored and was like giving us the "Whatever lah, fuck you" face.

On top of that, the prices here were actually more than Tanglin's! The drinks were $5.90 instead of $5.50 and the Chocolate Molten Cake is $17 instead of $15, just to name a few examples.

Charge more but service so fucked up? Tsk Tsk.

Tanglin's service is fantastic! So the next time we crave for Chili's we will definitely go to Tanglin!

Walked around a bit and I bought Popcorn! :)

So true, so true..

I bought the Chicago Mix ($11) for the Medium bag and asked them not to shake it cos I like the flavours to be separated, but I don't wanna buy too much by buying two small bags of different flavours. :)

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