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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chuifen Old Street @ Taipei

One of my fave old streets of Taipei is Chuifen cos there are many yummy food there.. It may be a wee-bit touristy, but I still love it.

It's perched on top of a hilly place and there's a gorgeous view!

A bit tad squeezy so must squeeze squeeze!

This is the shop where all the tourguides will bring their customers to...

Yummy fishball soup!

Freshly ground peanut popiah!

Yummy beef noodles!

Grouchy old lady..

Full house! Must share table with others..

My guide said the soupy version is nicer..
I don't know how much it was cos he paid for it.. :)

Yummy Yam Dessert time!

Added yummy pearls and shaved ice! ^^

Bought yummy mochi! Yums!

3 flavours.. Black sugar, green tea & strawberry yogurt.


I was munching on the coach while we were going to the next destination which were 2 hours away. Munch munch munch and I didn't realized the coach driver and guide who were both sitting on the 1st level of the double decker coach can see me and the rest of the customers cos there's a camera which I did not notice filming us. Oops! =X Unglam unglam much!! Hahaha!

There are many mini shops that you can buy cute souvenirs but I didn't explore due to time constrain and also I've explored it when I was there a few years back.. If I have a chance I will go back and spend at least 3 hours there cos usually the guide give customers 1 to 1.5hrs free time which is not enough considering we have to queue and buy lunch and eat!

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