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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fireworks in Taiwan

31 December 2010

It's New Year's Eve and my guide and driver decided to drive us to a deserted field to play with fireworks! :D

Look at all the fireworks and firecrackers!

The driver has bought the fireworks in bulk so our customers can save money in buying from him... We set up a mini stall at my seat and our customers will come and choose what they want and buy it from me..

It's super windy and cold outside so I hid in the coach.. Moreover both my guide and driver are very cheeky and they like to disturb and tease me and scare me with the fireworks so it's safer to hide in the coach.. Haha!

This is the video I took on NYE at the deserted carpark.

This is the video I took at Shangrila Farm where me and a couple, Carol and her hubby bought some fireworks and played with it at the carpark.. which was not deserted.. hahaha! So any moment the cars are in danger of being destroyed by the fireworks.. Hahaha!

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